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Why Is My Cat Scratching Himself?

2021-11-25  PetsCareTip

The following is an excerpt from Petscaretip’s FurKeeps Kickoff live Facebook Q&A.

QUESTION: I have a 6-year-old male cat who is allergic to plastic.

I have tried everything. Could this be end up beinghavioral? Why is my cat scratching himself?

ANSWER: Plastic allergies are a big problem as we are surrounded by plastic - from everything that comes from the grocery store to the undersides of furniture.


If your cat is drawing blood it is unlikely to be behavioral. In fact, in most cases of behavioral disease, when the skin is biopsied, it will be an allergy and must be treated appropriately.

Also consider that you may have multiple allergies going on - food and plastic.

Dr. Even though he isn’t around much of it, he insists on scratching his neck until it bleeds.

  • Parkview Cat Clinic
    Grant Gugisberg, D.V.M.
    Mendota Heights, MN

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2021-11-25  PetsCareTip