Why Does My Cat Drink More Water?

Why Does My Cat Drink More Water?


Is your cat consuming far more water than she made use of much too?

If she is, then this could be important and a chat with your vet is recommended.

The vet-discuss phrase for consuming a lot more is ‘polydipsia’ and the term for peeing-additional is ‘polyuria’. There are a lot of explanations a cat may well drink and pee much more, of which the chart toppers are kidney or liver illness, overactive thyroid glands, and sugar diabetic issues. But thirst can take place for other factors, not all of which are worrying.

Cats are secretive about their consuming habits, which indicates it is not usually noticeable when a cat is drinking additional. Needing to refill the water bowl on a regular basis is a single clue, but the litter box is a bigger just one. What goes into the cat need to come out, and so large, damp patches in the litter tray bear witness to her thirst.

When Ingesting Far more Is Typical

Have you ever improved your cat’s meals, and then been suspicious she is drinking extra?

If the menu swap was from canned food items to dry kibble, then it’s more than possible she is and you have the rationalization correct there.

Moist food stuff is frequently up to 80% water. The feline kidney is tremendous-successful at recycling drinking water, which usually means your feline-mate will get her every day h2o quotient from the soaked foods. Nevertheless, dry foodstuff – as the name indicates – has most of the moisture eliminated. Now the cat not only requirements to consume her each day drinking water but choose in more water to digest the dry kibble.

Swap from soaked to dry foods and the cat who’ve you’ve in no way noticed consume, suddenly turns into enamored of her water bowl.

Other instances when consuming is regular is in warm weather conditions. Although your cat does not sweat (apart from by means of her pads) she does lick herself to keep cool. Saliva evaporating from her fur serves a similar operate to sweat, in that it cools her skin. But it also leaves her dry mouthed and so she beverages to stay hydrated and to power her inner air-con.

Recognizing the Big difference

If you aren’t absolutely sure if your cat’s thirst is typical or a little something to get worried about, then ponder the pursuing questions:

  • Have I transformed her meals? Often even swapping involving brand names can promote thirst, if the recipe has additional salt in it.
  • Have her habits improved? If she appears to be normally her regular self, then so much so good. Nonetheless, if her urge for food has dropped off (or even enhanced) or she’s way additional withdrawn than she was, then some thing could be amiss.
  • Does she have any signs or symptoms? Any transform from typical is major. For example if she’s thirsty and is frequently ill or has diarrhea, then a health and fitness problem could be at the heart of factors.

If there’s no evident explanation and she isn’t’ quite herself, then a vet checkup is sensible.

Fluid Dynamics

How will the vet know what the dilemma is?

The vet will just take a history and take a look at the cat. Like a giant puzzle, the parts generally stage in a certain path. To pin issues down, exams may well be in purchase, these types of as urine or blood assessments.

Quite a few health conditions have thirst as a symptom ranging from fever to kidney sickness, overactive thyroid glands to cancer. Many of these can be controlled or taken care of, so there is every rationale to be proactive and get your feline good friend checked out.

Individuals difficulties which will be uppermost in the vet’s thinking consist of:

Kidney Disorder

Your housecat’s ancient ancestors lived in the desert. To cope with the bone-dry situations, cat kidneys evolved to be tremendous-effective at recycling dampness from their prey, so they hardly ever essential to consume.

But when the kidneys get more mature, contaminated, or diseased, energetic practical kidney tissue is changed by scar tissue. This interferes with how properly the kidney filter and she loses a lot more h2o as urine. The cat now turns to the water bowl in order to drink and switch the dropped fluid. And it is the consuming that you see as thirst.

Nevertheless, spotting these problems early and starting off therapy provides the cat an fantastic likelihood of an prolonged existence. With this in head really don't go into a state of denial, but tackle things head on.


One more incredibly frequent problem primarily with middle-aged to older cats, are overactive thyroid glands. These govern how rapidly the human body burns energy, and is the equal of driving a motor vehicle with the fuel pedal to the flooring. Thus the signs or symptoms to search out for incorporate greater starvation, hyperactivity, and thirst.

In this case the thirst arrives about since thyroid hormone is a diuretic…or a normal chemical which causes the entire body to loose h2o as a result of the kidneys. With abnormal drinking water currently being peed out, the cat should make up the variation by ingesting a lot more.

Liver Ailment

The liver has a lot of employment to do, a lot of of which involve breaking down the squander items of digestion to detox them. When the liver isn’t performing appropriately, natural poisons degrees climb in the bloodstream. This triggers messages to the brain which notify the cat to consume far more in buy to flush and thoroughly clean the blood.

Liver disorder will come in lots of guises but these are generally cats that are lethargic, with weak appetites. Some sorts of liver ailment are treatable, so once again, don’t delay that vet check for the reason that you are anxious about the prognosis. The sooner a diagnosis is designed, the much better the probable outcome.


Diabetic issues is a affliction exactly where the cat’s blood sugar ranges operate way too large. Over a sure amount, sugar spills out of the kidney and into the urine. But sugar has an ‘osmotic potential’ which implies it pulls water with it, like wasps observe after jam. With fluid misplaced in the urine, thirst receptors are triggered which motivate the cat to drink a lot more.

Other indicators to observe for include things like excess weight reduction, drinking excessively, and lethargy. Again, procedure is available and the quicker it is begun the a lot less issues the cat is probably to establish.

Most cancers

Particular sorts of cancer lead to shifts in blood calcium levels or else crank out organic substances which induce thirst. What other indicators the cat has, will count on the type of most cancers the cat has, for illustration a bowel cancer may possibly result in sickness or diarrhea.

Knowing a Diagnosis will Support

If your cat is drinking a lot more, the temptation may be to continue to keep the drinking water bowl entire and convert a blind eye. Alternatively, it is much better to look for a veterinarian’s feeling. Early diagnosis of many of these issues which induce thirst in the cat, are amenable to remedy. The soonest that therapy is began, the superior the result for the cat.

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