Simple tips to keep your dog healthy ( explained ) in Hindi

Royal canin food items connection

Royal Canin Labrador junior 3kg 12kg
Labrador adult 12kg
Maxi junior 1kg 4kg 15kg
Mini adult 2kg 4kg 8kg
Pug grownup 1.5kg
Big starter 1kg 4kg 15kg
Maxi starter 1kg 4kg
15 kg
Mini starter 8.5kg 1kg 3kg
Medium starter 1kg 4kg
Maxi adult 15kg
Giant dog 4kg 1kg
Giant Junior 4kg 15 kg
Big Grownup 4kg 15kg
Rotweiler Junior 3kg 12kg
Rotweiler grownup 3kg 12kg
Maxi grownup 15 kg 1kg 4kg
German shepherd junior 3kg 12kg
German shepherd grownup 3kg
Golden Retriever junior 3kg 12kg
Golden retriever grownup 3kg 12kg
Medium Junior 1kg 4kg 15kg
Renal pet dog 2kg 7kg
Gastro diet regime 2kg
Weight problems food plan 6kg 1.5kg phase 2 obesity
Pug adult 3kg
Liver diet program 1.5kg 420gm
Little one pet milk replacer (400gm)
Shitzu grownup food 500gm 1.5kg
Hypoallergenic diet plan 2kg 7kg
Cardiac diet 2kg
Mobility diet plan 7kg
Great Dane grownup 3kg
Skin support 2kg

Beaphar backlink
High definition tablets
Salmon oil
Anti itch pet dog shampoo
Odour eliminator
Ordinary aloe vera shampoo for white pet dogs
Regular aloe vera shampoo for brown canines
Dry shampoo
Tear stain remover
Gotbac powder
Worex xl tablets
Magrid spray

Farmina foodstuff connection

Pup /breast fed/gestating bitch of medium and big size 2.5kg
Starter foods 800gm

Hills meals hyperlink
Delicate pores and skin 3kg
Kidney diet plan 4kg
Dog foods lamb and rice 3kg

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