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Partners Dog Training Presents: Doggy DayCare May 8, 2013

In this article is the DayCare video from yesterday!!! For individuals who opted for an obedience lesson we targeted our working day on more highly developed obedience, and they all excelled! As you can see from our movie, we ended up working on some very state-of-the-art remain do the job! Our four-legged swimmers enjoyed a awesome, refreshing, dip in the pool and brushed up on their dock diving capabilities! Do not forget about our great playgroup! We generally insert a tiny bit of environmental distractions in this video you can see our use of the bicycle and wheelchair to desensitize the pups to daily occurrences these kinds of as these. Contact the office to get your canine signed up for next week’s major DayCare day, and get pleasure from observing them at perform and participate in in next week’s video clip! 480-595-6700

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