How I keep my Alaskan Malamute cool in warm weather! Plus road trip update!!

Hi Fluffs!
Danny was a rescue from Singapore. We dwell in Canada now so it is awesome and neat for him. Plenty of snow! I just thought this video clip would be valuable to some of you with canines in hotter weather conditions.
Sorry about all Danny’s fur on the bed but that is what residing with an Alaskan Malamute is like. No issue how considerably you clean or vacuum you can find usually pet fur!

Anyway, in this video clip I’m sharing some distinct suggestions on how I like to continue to keep my Alaskan Malamute great in the heat and hot temperature. We hope these suggestions and strategies aided your pet mainly because these ideas and ideas can be utilized for other canines, too! Not just Alaskan Malamutes.

If you want to get a cooling mat for your puppy, simply click here:

You should subscribe and observe Danny in this article:

We hope to see you on our road excursion!

And until future time, stay fluffy!

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