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Published on Oct 28, 2015


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A Health care Centre with 24/7 services in Woodland Hills The Willow Healing middle delivers concierge drugs for personalized non-public, direct main treatment,. This is a innovative product of healthcare observe that puts the patient at the centre of the healthcare experience. A long time ago, this form of follow was reserved for the loaded and well-known. Not any more. By paying out an economical membership payment, just like at a fitness center, the client secures unprecedented entry to the doctor, which allows for better individual-doctor relationships, which qualified prospects to really superior stages of major care and assistance.

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“Dr. Mike has been my health care provider for quite a few many years and is a really competent medical professional. He has dealt with me for several illnesses this sort of as large blood tension, muscle strains, nerve injury, and so forth. I am also a cancer survivor and he has maintain a close view as I have gone via 3 decades of thoroughly clean checkups. I would propose him as a good main care Dr. and I want to thank him for all the several years of service he has given me.”

Dr Mike writes “Client care has been thwarted by the calls for of a saturated program and insurance policies providers. Even through our exhausting and demanding schedules, idealism pushed us forward into the route of developing our have method. I was often looked upon as the “maverick- hippy” in stark distinction to the streamlined and linear solution dictated by mainstream clinical tradition. My wish for more individualized and holistic treatment came into conflict with the superior volume of people and institutional limitations that negatively influenced the top quality of my function.”

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