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Kitten cam lighting demo – day light vs. night light – TinyKittens.com

For any individual who is involved about the lighting in our cat rooms, this video clip demonstrates the big difference among the day lighting and the night lights. The night time lights appears to be like much brighter than it is due to the fact our cameras are pretty excellent at modifying to make minimal lighting look a lot brighter than it definitely is. 🙂

Chloe will be portion of our new challenge to map the DNA of her feral cat colony.

Chloe is a feral cat who was trapped on March 23, 2018 simply because she appeared to be expecting. Our consumption exam discovered she is also in will need of dental operation. The strategy is to notice and verify she is pregnant, and see how receptive she is to socialization.

If she is pregnant, she will have her last litter of kittens in security and then mother and kittens will all be spayed/neutered. If not expecting, she will be spayed, have dental surgical treatment and then we will figure out if she is a applicant for socialization and adoption even though she recovers.

Chloe will come from a colony that started out with far more than 230 feral cats. We have completed Lure-Neuter-Return (TNR) on 90% of this colony, and have socialized and adopted a lot more than 100 cats and kittens. We offer daily feeding and care to the remaining cats as we go on to socialize and undertake out any ready cats. Extra at

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Thank mew so a lot to anyone who is watching!

Source: Youtube.com
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