How to dry a cat after a bath

Blow-drying a cat couldn’t be less difficult. Catnips mobile cat grooming. The best cellular cat groomer in London. Right here you see the dryer set on lower to do the facial area and head. The dryer should be held away from the encounter. If you dry the cheeks the ears need to be held flat so that no air goes into them. Any indications of tension these kinds of as panting and you ought to cease straight away. Most cats can tolerate a dryer but you will have to introduce it extremely carefully and in no way have the warmth on substantial or much too shut to the pores and skin. About the groomer: Anita Kelsey is a cat grooming specialist based in London: She is also a cat behaviourist and is an pro in all things feline. Several vets connect with Anita for tricky cat grooming cases as nicely as advanced cat behaviour situations. Make sure you LIKE THE Movie.

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