Our tiny boy foster kitten is 5 weeks old and DESPERATELY demands his first nail trim! We’ve only had them in foster for about 8-10 times at this point, and he’s nonetheless acquiring used to becoming handled, so I wasn’t guaranteed how he was heading to get it. But he did great! He’s a super laid-back again, exciting, sweet little cat.

I converse additional about how to clip very small kitten nails in this video here:

Basically, it helps to have a kitten who’s common with you and utilised to getting touched, especially on their paws. So if you have a kitten and you prepare to lower his nails (which I surely recommend! Do not declaw your sweet furbaby!), the even though you’re cuddling him, give his tiny toe-beans a light squeeze and follow extending his claws. That way, he’ll be employed to it when it arrives time to give them a snip.

If you might be not sure how your kitty is likely to respond, or if he’s in an specifically energetic mood, it can assist a lot to wrap them gentle in a towel, and just pull out the one particular paw at a time. Then, extend their very little claws, just like you practiced, and clip absent! I often choose off JUST THE Tip when clipping kitten and cat nails, simply because I want it to be an pleasurable knowledge for absolutely everyone involved. And the additional they take pleasure in it, the considerably less the intellect accomplishing it extra regularly in any case – so each kitten pedicude session goes a lot quicker!

Please enable me know if you have any inquiries about trimming your kitten’s nails, and depart a comment if you have any amusing tales about your kitties!

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