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Good day Every person!

I am having specialized difficulties so I am sorry about this online video staying late!
Pizza my cat was a short while ago spayed at a cell vet clinic and I recorded the to start with week of her recovery.
I hope this video clip was informational for you and assisted you if you have a cat that is getting spayed or will be in the future!

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Breed: Cat
Birthday: 03/07/2013
Sexual intercourse: Female

Breed: Cat
Birthday: 02/06/2014
Intercourse: Feminine

Breed: Rabbit, Lop/lion head mix
Birthday: 06/28/2014
Sex: Male

Breed: Rabbit, Lop
Birthday: 05/13/2015
Sex: Female

Breed: Pet dog, Husky
Birthday: 11/28/2015
Sex: Male

Breed: Pet, Husky
Birthday: 11/28/2015
Intercourse: Woman

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