Top 9 Best Hamster Cages Of 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews


Top 9 Best Hamster Cages Of 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews

Before getting a new hamster, plan how you’ll feed it, where it’ll exercise, and what toys you’ll play with. They’ll also need a home, preferably an escape-proof, easy-to-clean cage with enough space to thrive.

Erin Ramsey, owner of Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters, an ethical Syrian hamster breeder, says hamsters need the most space possible. “The minimum should be 600 square inches of unbroken space—this does not include the second levels. Studies show this, and in homes, they thrive in extra-large cages.”

Please note that these cages are too small and absolutely not the 24/7 home for your hamster. Consider them a dorm room where they sleep when you’re away. We recommend supervised exercise for hamsters.

Hamster cage

1. Prevue Pet Products Hamster Cage – Best Overall:

The Prevue Pet Products is a large unit that is 3212″ wide and 1712″ deep. The cage is made of hard, durable plastic and has a solid wire exterior that lets your pet see out but keeps it safe inside. The space between the bars is only 3/8 of an inch, which is tight enough to keep your hamster from getting out.

There are two doors on the cage: one at the front and one at the top. The top entry point is great for making cleaning easy.

The base of the unit is also lowered, but the cage has a raised platform that acts as a second story. A ramp on the inside lets your hamster get in.

You should know that this unit is more expensive than most similar products. But if you want a solid option that will last for a long time, the Prevue is a good choice. Overall, we think this is one of the best hamster cages on the market in 2023.

  • Large dimensions
  • Two maintenance-friendly doors
  • Sturdy build
  • Pricey

2. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage – Best Value

The Habitrail is a simple, inexpensive unit that makes it into our list of the best hamster cages for the money. The unit is 16″ x 10″, but it can be linked to tubing to make the habitat much bigger.

It also comes with everything you need. The cage comes with a water bottle that won’t break if your pet chews on it and a strong hamster wheel that will keep your pet busy. It’s easy to clean because it has a big access door.

The door of the cage can be a real problem, which is sad. It doesn’t lock in very well, and you have to move the frame of the unit a little bit to make the locking mechanisms work. Because of this, it can be easy to leave the door open by accident.

  • Affordable
  • Wheel and bottle.
  • Cleans easily
  • Door latches poorly.

3. Lixit Hamster Heaven Metro: Top Pick

The Lixit is a large hamster cage that is kind of like the penthouse. It’s 31″ x 19″, which is a lot of space for your hamster. The base is low and sunk in, so it has a lot of rooms for hamsters to play and exercise. The cage is also easy to clean and move because it has large doors and handles that are easy to hold.

The many accessories are definitely the main draw, though. The Lixit comes with two “houses” for your pet to sleep in, as well as tunnels, a wheel, and multiple platforms.

The unit is a lot more expensive than almost all other hamster wheels, which is a shame. But if you want your hamster to live in the lap of luxury, this is a good unit to think about.

To sum up, we think this is the best hamster cage out there if you want a high-end one.

  • Large sizes (31” x 19”)
  • Cleans easily
  • Easy hold
  • Many built-in accessories
  • Very costly

4. Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Explore the fascinating Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage, packed to the gills with fun features to occupy your hamster. Your pet will have a blast digging in the bright, deep plastic base. This all-inclusive hamster cage features an exercise wheel, two comfortable hiding spots, a water bottle, and two feeding and drinking bowls.

Hang tasty treats and fun toys from the mesh wire top, and give your hamster a new way to explore its surroundings with the transparent tunnel. The cage’s detachable bottom and side handles make it simple to move from one location to another, and regular cleaning is a breeze. This is the playground of your hamster’s dreams!

Dimensions: 31.5 x 20 x 20 inches | Weight: 12.17 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.4-inch | What’s Included: Tunnels, exercise wheels, 2 houses, a toilet, water bottle, 2 feeding bowls and more

  • A variety of accessories are included.
  • Design that is fun and colorful
  • It has big carrying handles.
  • Complicated to put together

5. Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

This hamster cage is in the style of a “arcade” because it has a lot of different ways for your pet to play. It’s 18″ x 11″, so it’s a good size for playing, but there’s a lot more to say about its entertainment potential.

The main feature of the unit is a second level of play that the hamster can get to through a tunnel. There is an exercise wheel, a water bottle, and several platforms for the hamster to run around on in the extra space.

It’s also made in a modular style, which means that you can add on to the habitat as much as you want with the right parts.

But there have been many reports of problems with the way it was made. The main complaint we hear from customers is that hamsters can open the cage door. People have fixed this problem by adding more wires, but it’s always best when the cage works the way it was meant to.

  • Largely sized
  • Modular design
  • Cool accessories
  • Some hamsters escape easily.

6. Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

The dimensions of the Ferplast Favola are 23.6″ x 14.4″. The base is made of clear plastic and is deep, which makes it easy to borrow. It also has a second floor that is easy to get to thanks to a ramp. There is an exercise wheel, a food dish, a “house,” and a plastic water bottle on the second floor.

This is a modular unit, which means that with the right tubing, you can make it bigger. The quality of the accessories is very low, which is a shame. For one thing, most hamster breeds are too small to fit in them. Also, they aren’t very well made, so they probably won’t hold up well against a chewing hamster.

All of these accessories can be replaced, but it’s better if they don’t have to be.

  • Acceptable as a loan
  • includes a second story for lots of scouting
  • In a modular fashion
  • Poorly made accessories.

7. Little Friends Grosvenor Hamster Cage

The size of the Little Friends is 33″ x 18.5″. The top of the unit opens up so it’s easy to clean, and it comes with a variety of accessories to keep your pets entertained. The bottom is slightly sunken to make it easier for your hamster to dig. The top floor, which is reached by a ramp, has a house, wheel, food dish, and water bottle.

The space between the bars is only 1 cm, which makes it easy to care for a wide range of pets, like rats and chinchillas.

Unfortunately, cats might be able to get to the top access point. Users say that when cats sit on it, it sags, making it easy for their paws to fit through. Not everyone will have a problem with this, but for some, it can be a big problem.

  • Simple to clean
  • There are a lot of accessories.
  • Build so that it works well for a wide range of pets.
  • Cats might be able to get into the cage

8. Ferplast Hamster Cage

The Ferplast is a moderately priced unit that comes with a lot of ways for your pet to have fun. With a size of 18.11″ x 11.61″, it gives your hamster plenty of room to play, dig, and run around. It’s easy to clean because you can open the top of the cage, but the accessories are what really sell it.

It comes with a wheel, food dish, “house,” and water bottle, as well as a variety of tubes for exploring.

Some users have said that the bottom is not well sealed, which is a shame. They noticed this when they saw urine and feces coming up from the bottom through cracks and crevices, which is definitely something you want to avoid.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Dimensions are adequate.
  • There are numerous play accessories.
  • Inadequately sealed

9. Kaytee Crittertrail Quick Clean Habitat Hamster Cage

The Kaytee is a simple, inexpensive unit that is 16″ wide and 10.5″ tall. The bottom is made of clear plastic, so you can watch your hamster as it digs and plays.  It is also easy to clean because it has a big door on the top and comes with a wheel, a dish, and a water bottle.

There are a few things to keep in mind. One thing is that the accessories aren’t very good. The water bottle tends to leak the most.

Keep in mind that bigger hamsters may find it too small.

  • Bottom is see-through
  • Simple to clean
  • Poorly made accessories
  • Some hamsters may find it too small.

The Different Types of Hamster Cage

Hamsters are small and adorable pets which are easy to keep at home. When it comes to their habitat, hamster cages are available in a variety of styles to suit different needs. 

Here are some examples of hamster cages:

  • Wire Cages: The most common type of hamster cage is a wire cage. These cages are easy to clean and offer good ventilation. They’re also the most affordable option available on the market.
  • Travel cages: Travel cages are another type that is great for transporting your hamster around. These are lightweight and can be made of wire, plastic or fabric.
  • DIY plastic tanks: A popular option for hamster owners is DIY plastic tanks. These are made from plastic storage containers and can be easily converted into a hamster cage.
  • Glass tanks: Glass tanks are another popular option but can be heavy to move around. They offer great visibility and provide an excellent way to observe a hamster’s daily activity.
  • Cage systems that connect tunnels:  Lastly, cage systems that can connect tunnels are also available. These provide a high-level of customization and enable you to create a complex maze for your hamster.

What to Look for in a Hamster Cage

To ensure your hamster has a good life, it’s important to understand a few things when choosing the right cage for your little pet. It’s important to ensure that your hamster is housed in an appropriate cage to maintain their health and prevent any potential behavioral issues. Otherwise, caring for them may become challenging.

Hamster Cage Sizes

  • It’s important to keep in mind that, like any other living thing, your hamster might not want to spend its whole life in a small space. When buying a hamster cage, it’s important to think about how big it is, since many cages on the market may not be big enough for these active animals. Remember to give them enough room to move around and feel free, instead of putting them in a small area where they can’t go anywhere.
  • Experts say that if you have a larger hamster, especially a Syrian hamster, it is important to give them at least 150 square inches of floor space and 17.5 inches of vertical space so they have enough room to move around. It’s best to give smaller breeds at least 120 square inches of floor space and 7 inches of vertical space. If you need to figure out how big a cage is, you should multiply its length by its width.
  • Before making a purchase, it is best to carefully look at the area of the cage. With this calculation, you can find out how big something is in square inches.


  • Wire and plastic are two of the most common things used to make hamster cages. Hamster cages with a wire top should always have a plastic bottom, because your hamster’s little feet could get hurt on a wire bottom.
  • The space between the wires should never be more than half a centimeter, because smaller hamsters can actually stick their heads through the bars.
  • Wire cages are good because your hamster can climb up the walls and look around.
  • Plastic cages are often chosen by hamster owners because they are easier to clean and allow you to see your hamster at all times.
  • You can also think of them as safer since you know your hamster won’t be able to get out through the bars. But they don’t come with a way for your hamster to climb the sides of the cage, so you’ll need to buy extra things for your pet.
Hamster cage

Wires Spacing

  • Did you know that they can wiggle through really small spaces? That’s why when choosing a cage for your furry friend, it’s important to be careful. If you have a dwarf hamster, their cage needs to have spaces no larger than 0.25 inches, while Syrian hamsters can have bigger spaces up to 0.5 inches. But don’t worry, if you’re not sure which one to get, just choose a cage with wires that are closer together to keep your hamster safe and happy!

Mattress Thickness

  • One crucial factor to think about is the depth of the hamster cage’s base. The bottom of a hamster’s cage should always have at least two inches of bedding because of the animal’s tendency to dig. More is definitely better. This is why, when shopping for a wire-top cage, you need to pay particular attention to the depth of the bottom. Make sure there’s enough room for bedding so your hamster can burrow without straining against the wire above the plastic housing.

Easy Cleaning

  • Keeping your pet clean is an important aspect of pet ownership. It is important to provide your hamster with various items in their cage, such as tunnels and exercise wheels, for their physical and mental well-being. It is also critical to keep your pet’s living space clean and sanitary.
  • Cleaning your pet’s bedding, toys, and other accessories on a regular basis is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Choosing pet products that are simple to clean and maintain can also make your life as a pet owner much easier.
  • Consider purchasing products that can be machine washed or that have removable covers for easy cleaning.
  • As a pet expert, it is worth noting that the level of complexity in setting up a cage is directly proportional to the level of difficulty in cleaning it. Additionally, it is important to note that having more items in the cage may make cleaning more challenging.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Hamster Cages

In search of the finest hamster run available? Use this buyer’s guide as your only resource. Making the best decision possible when settling down with your furry friend is crucial. A well-made hamster cage will ensure the health, safety, and happiness of your pet.

If you want your hamster to be happy and healthy, you need to get them the best hamster cage possible, complete with plenty of comfy bedding and room to run and play. Make sure your hamster has a wheel or other toys to play with at the base of their cage. We guarantee that following the advice in our buyer’s guide will help you select the ideal hamster cage for your pet.

Hamster cage

Hamster Cage Requirements

 If you’re in the process of getting a hamster, you may be wondering what kind of hamster cage features you need to consider.

  1. The first thing to think about is the cage size. Dwarf hamster cages require a minimum of 360 square inches, while Syrian hamsters need at least 450 square inches.
  2. Next, you’ll want to think about the type of cage you want – a wire cage is generally good for ventilation, but you’ll want to make sure the bars are close enough together to prevent your little friend from escaping.
  3. Hamsters are active creatures, so having a hamster wheel is a must!
  4. When it comes to buying a hamster cage, you have a lot of options – there are plenty of colorful cages to choose from in all different shapes and sizes.

Remember, investing in a good hamster cage is important for your furry friend’s health and happiness, so take your time in choosing the best hamster home!

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