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Thailand’s First Pet-Friendly Cinema: A Haven for Four-Legged Movie Enthusiasts – Animal News 2023

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Discover Thailand’s innovative pet-friendly cinema, where furry companions join their owners for a unique cinematic experience. Read how the ‘i-Tail Pet Cinema’ at Mega Cineplex Mega Bangna is revolutionizing pet outings.

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Thailand’s First Pet-Friendly Cinema: A New Dimension in Movie Enjoyment

In a groundbreaking move, Thailand has unveiled its inaugural pet-friendly cinema, setting the stage for a cinematic revolution that caters not only to humans but also their beloved four-legged companions. The ‘i-Tail Pet Cinema,’ situated at Mega Cineplex Mega Bangna on the outskirts of Bangkok, welcomes pets and their owners to share the magic of the silver screen in a pet-friendly atmosphere like never before.

A Paw-sitive Cinema Experience for Both Humans and Pets

Imagine a Saturday outing where pet parents and their furry friends enjoy the enchantment of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ on the big screen together. This vision turned into reality as dozens of pet owners arrived at the i-Tail Pet Cinema, accompanied by their pets in strollers. To ensure a comfortable experience, pets donned diapers and rested in designated bags, while the theater’s ambiance was adjusted to suit their needs. Major Cineplex spokesman Narute Jiensnong revealed that this pet-friendly concept drew inspiration from their child-friendly theaters, where a similar understanding applies—kids are kids, and pets will be pets. “Everyone who comes will own a pet and be understanding (if dogs bark),” Jiensnong stated.

 Movie-goers sit with their pet dogs and cats at the cinema with their little dogs on Saturday

Embracing the Growing Pet Culture Amid Urban Challenges

Although Bangkok may not initially seem like a pet-friendly city, Thailand’s robust pet industry tells a different story. With a staggering 8.3 million dogs and 3.7 million cats in 2021, Thailand ranks second in Asia’s pet industry, only trailing behind China. The pet ownership landscape has been further shaped by the pandemic, with an increase in furry companions as remote work ends. The ‘i-Tail Pet Cinema’ caters to these changes, offering an avenue for pets and owners to create lasting memories together, potentially alleviating separation anxiety in pets.

However, not all pet owners share the same enthusiasm. An expat living in Bangkok voiced reservations about the pet cinema trend, viewing it as “unnatural” and a form of “torture” for pets. While some concerns are raised about the concept’s practicality, the cinema’s unique approach undoubtedly sparks a conversation about the evolving dynamics between humans and their pets in an urban environment.


Thailand’s first pet-friendly cinema, the ‘i-Tail Pet Cinema,’ marks a significant step in redefining how we experience movies alongside our furry companions. As pet ownership grows and the bond between humans and pets deepens, innovative initiatives like pet cinemas bridge the gap, bringing joy, connection, and entertainment to both pet owners and their loyal companions. While the concept may not be universally embraced, it undeniably opens doors to new possibilities and prompts intriguing discussions about the evolving relationship between pets and city life.

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