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Sloughi: The Regal Companion From The Sahara


Picture a sleek hound with the grace of a gazelle, coursing effortlessly across the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert. This is the Sloughi, an ancient and noble breed hailing from North Africa. With their aristocratic bearing and gentle temperament, captivating dogs with a unique history and distinct personality.

Sloughi Quick Fact Information

  • Origin: North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya)
  • Size: 26-29 inches tall, 40-60 pounds
  • Breed Group: Sighthound
  • Life span: 12-16 years
  • Coat: Short, smooth
  • Temperament: Sensitive, intelligent, loyal, somewhat aloof
  • Exercise Needs: High
  • Training: Requires patience and positive reinforcement
  • Health: Generally healthy
  • Popularity: Rare

A History Steeped in Nobility

The Sloughi’s origins are shrouded in the sands of time. For centuries, they served as prized hunting companions for Berber tribes in North Africa. Prized for their speed, stamina, and ability to bring down gazelles, they were also cherished as loyal guardians and symbols of status.

The Sloughi's Striking Appearance

The exudes an air of athletic elegance. Their lean, muscular build, long legs, and deep chest perfectly reflect their sighthound heritage. Short, smooth coats come in various shades of sand, fawn, brindle, and combinations with black masks. Their soulful eyes and expressive ears add to their captivating looks.

Beyond Beauty: The Sloughi’s Temperament

Known for their intelligence, sensitivity, and gentle nature. They bond deeply with their families, showing boundless loyalty and affection. However, they can be reserved with strangers, an attribute tracing back to their guardian dog instincts. Require patient socialization from a young age. Positive reinforcement training methods are essential, as their independent spirit may balk at harsh corrections.

Are Sloughis Good with Children?

With proper socialization, can be gentle companions for respectful children. However, it’s crucial to always supervise interactions between young children and dogs of any breed.

A Life Fit for a Desert Prince

These desert-born sighthounds need a good amount of daily exercise. They’ll thrive on long walks, runs, and opportunities for safe, off-leash running in fenced areas. Remember, their prey drive is strong, so leash safety is paramount. Surprisingly adaptable to indoor life as long their exercise needs are met. Their short coats demand minimal grooming.

Considering a Sloughi?

Not the ideal breed for every household. They are best suited to experienced, active owners who can provide ample exercise, mental stimulation, and gentle handling. Those who seek a devoted and graceful companion will find a treasure. Due to their rarity, seeking out reputable breeders or Sloughi rescue organizations is essential.

Living Legend of the Dunes

While the excels as a companion, their hunting instincts remain strong. Sighthounds can find immense joy in lure coursing and similar sports that mimic the thrill of the chase.

Can Sloughis Live in Apartments?

While not ideal, apartment living can work if their owner is absolutely dedicated to providing sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.

How much does a Sloughi puppy cost?

Puppies from reputable breeders can be expensive, typically starting at around $2000.

Do Sloughis bark a lot?

Not known to be excessive barkers.

Are Sloughis hypoallergenic?

No, do shed, although minimally due to their short coats.

Where can I find Sloughi adoption centers in the US?

Fanciers Association of America (SFAA): [invalid URL removed] (They have a rescue section)

“The Sloughi possesses a quiet dignity – a reminder of their desert heritage and noble companionship with humans for centuries.”

Important Considerations and Where to Find Your Sloughi

Health Concerns: Like many sighthounds, can be sensitive to anesthesia. It’s crucial to find a veterinarian familiar with sighthound-specific health concerns. Otherwise, they are a generally healthy breed with few major predispositions.


Finding a Reputable Breeder: Due to their rarity, finding a responsible breeder can be challenging. Start your search with organizations like:

  • American Kennel Club (AKC):
  • Fanciers Association of America (SFAA): [invalid URL removed]

The Gift of Rescue: Sloughi rescue organizations can be a fantastic option for those wanting to give an adult a second chance. These organizations specialize in rehoming and rehabilitating in need.

The Sloughi: A Treasure of the Desert

The Sloughi is a sighthound of incredible elegance, history, and devoted companionship. If you appreciate a gentle soul with a touch of ancient wildness, this breed might just steal your heart. With proper care, training, and understanding, will be an irreplaceable addition to your life, a true embodiment of the phrase “man’s best friend.”

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