Save Money by Grooming Your Dog at Home

Save Money by Grooming Your Dog at Home

Lots of dog owners choose to leave haircuts to experienced groomers. It is a job that actually requires some know-how and encounter to do adequately – specifically for dogs with lengthy, constantly developing hair.

But there’s no explanation that you cannot grow to be an specialist at cutting your dog’s hair, although there may well be the occasional comic outcome along the way! The wonderful factor is that hair grows back, it may take 1cm per month, but ultimately that slightly uneven 1st try will get started to appear substantially much better!


Clippers can be incredibly low-priced and you can definitely use any style of clippers, rather than getting to get specialised pet clippers. Some are in a position to be sharpened, which will extend the life of the clippers. When humans use clippers they normally use plastic guards to clip at a longer length. These have a tendency to snag in longer hair coats so are much less helpful in pets. For about the paws and ears, a sharp pair of scissors is helpful, as some places will be fiddly to use with the clippers. Also make positive you have lots of treats on hand and a superior brush.

Having Prepared TO CLIP

When you get started out, getting somebody to hold your pet is best. Groomers will save their backs by usually working with an elevated table and may well even have an apparatus to hold the dog in spot or to clip the collar to. Clipping up on the kitchen table can be a wonderful way to maintain your dog from moving, but make positive you place a non-slip mat on the table 1st.

HOW Usually?

If your dog has a constantly developing coat, clipping each and every six-eight weeks is best. If you are in a position to brush your dog frequently and protect against mats from forming, grooming is not as needed, but if your dog matts simply you may well have to have to clip the coat quick far more typically. In some strategies a longer coat can offer an insulating layer to shield against heat and cold. For dogs that really feel the heat nonetheless, clipping the belly so your dog can cool down by lying on the ground can assistance, even though nevertheless delivering protection from the sun.


To maintain your clippers clean and operating smoothly it is worthwhile investing in some clipper spray to maintain the blades clean and lubricated. The spray can also be applied if the blades are obtaining hot even though clipping your dog. Hold the blades sharp they are far more most likely to reduce if they are blunt. You will have to have to have them professionally sharpened in the identical spot that would sharpen knives. Following you use your clippers, brush them cost-free from hair with a toothbrush and apply some blade oil or the clipper spray.

Right here are a couple of strategies for performing the job adequately. Pick a quiet spot cost-free from distractions and try to remember the hair will finish up everywhere, so locate someplace simple to clean!
• If your dog is dirty bathe your dog 1st, working with a shampoo created for pets.
• After the fur is dry, brush out any snags or mats.
• Use clippers in the path of hair development in lengthy smooth strokes.
• Use scissors for touch-up and for trimming about extremities: legs, ears and face.
• To clip the paws, brush against the path of hair development to push the hair in between the toes upwards and reduce with the scissors. You can use the clippers to do the underside of the feet.

• About the eyes, make certain there is no hair developing more than your pet’s eyes that could interfere with vision. If your pet is wiggly, working with blunt-tipped, curved scissors aids.
• Following brushing give your pet a superior brush, or if you haven’t currently bathed your pet, give him a bath.


If your pet is a small nervous about the clippers, get some treats and get him accustomed to the noise of the clippers 1st. Hold any sessions quick and give lots of praise, interest and treats for staying nevertheless, even for a quick time. Possessing an extra helper on hand to give your pet treats even though grooming is also helpful for nervous pets. For pets that have a tendency towards anxiousness it may well be even far more significant to groom your pet at property, as you will be in a position to devote far more time acclimatising your pet to the procedure, even though a busy grooming parlour will have to have to move far more immediately. That getting mentioned, some groomers supply grooming rehabilitation for nervous pets if you ask. When picking a groomer rely on word-of-mouth and locate a groomer who is incredibly superior with anxious pets. The level of care your pet receives is substantially far more significant than the good quality of the reduce afterwards.


For dogs that have matts, from time to time working with the clippers can be incredibly painful. It may well be needed to de-mat 1st working with a specialised comb (far more information here). If the matts are not as well close to the skin, working with the clippers on the shortest setting would be the finest method to take the matts off close to the skin. You will have to have to get started someplace exactly where there are no matts to get to the base of the coat. If the procedure will be as well in depth and painful, take into consideration discussing with your Vet providing your pet a sedative and getting the process completed in hospital as an alternative. After the matts are gone it will be substantially less complicated to sustain the coat with brushing and clipping ahead of they get started to create once again.

Grooming can be a bonding encounter with your pet and we hope you love this new ability. And after you master the fundamentals, let your creativity flow and attempt out some of the far more adventurous clips.