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Meet Derrick Campana, the Man Who Has Changed the Lives of Thousands of Animals with Mobility Solutions


Derrick Campana is a remarkable person who has dedicated his life to improving animal mobility by designing personalized braces and prosthetic limbs. Derrick’s work has had a significant impact, restoring movement and greatly enhancing the quality of life for animals. He is one of just ten specialists in the world.

An Opportunity to Change Derrick Campana’s Life Is Found Through a Coincidence

A veterinarian approached Derrick about 12 years ago after noticing his amazing prosthetic work. The vet was impressed with Derrick’s knowledge and asked if he could make a dog a set of prosthetic legs. Despite having no past experience working with dogs, Derrick said, “I can try to help you,” with his trademark resolve. However, I have never before worked on a dog.

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Passion of Derrick Campana is sparked by an Unexpected Success

Derrick’s attempt to build a prosthetic limb for the dog was a great success, much to everyone’s pleasure. Derrick had the notion to launch a business that specialized in creating prosthesis for animals after realizing the enormous potential to assist many more creatures in need. He created Animal Ortho Care with unshakable enthusiasm, and since then, he believes that the company has built over 25,000 animal prosthetics around the world.

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Derrick Campana has helped address the many needs of over 25,000 animals

Derrick’s work is unbounded in the range of creatures he has helped. He receives countless requests from pet owners and vets through his business, Bionic Pets, for mobility solutions for animals ranging from turtles and deer to pandas and elephants. Derrick exclaims with pride, “We’ve worked with goats, sheep, llamas—you name it, we’ve probably done it.”

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Global reach and challenge For Derrick Campana

Derrick has traveled the world to fit animals with disabilities with assistive devices as a result of his dedication to assisting animals. He personally casts, builds, and fits the devices at the animals’ sites with the help of his mobile limb lab. He recognizes that many instances are treated remotely even though this hands-on method is ideal. Animal owners and vets attempt to make casts using fiberglass casting kits that are shipped all over the world, albeit they are frequently not ideal. Derrick and his committed staff persevere in spite of the difficulties presented by remote assistance.

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Even in the face of difficulty, passion can be realized

Derrick and his business encountered difficulties during the COVID-19 outbreak, much like many others. He nevertheless is unwavering, declaring, “I’m living my dream now. Every day I pinch myself for performing this work, using my hands to help people and animals heal. There are few things better than that.

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The extraordinary work of animal orthotist Derrick Campana has changed the lives of hundreds of animals by giving them the gift of movement with specialized braces and prosthetics. He is a world authority in the sector thanks to his unwavering commitment and love for assisting animals, and his achievements continue to serve as an example for others. Derrick’s extraordinary journey is proof of the limitless impact one person can have on the welfare of animals in need.


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