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Hamster Food

Hamster Food: What do hamsters eat?

What do hamsters consume? And what sort of meals should you feed your hamster? Uncover out in our guide to what hamsters eat…

In the wild a hamster’s diet regime is suited to the location exactly where it lives this is normally in a dry location, normally close to the edge of a desert. Wild hamsters consume seeds, grain and grasses as nicely as some insects. Hamsters are omnivores which implies that, a lot like humans, they exist on a mixed diet regime of vegetation and meat.

It is crucial that domesticated hamsters have a related diet regime to that of their wild cousins. It is also crucial that you do not overfeed your hamster.

It is a typical sight to see a hamster, with cheek pouches complete, nonetheless begging for extra meals. Even though hamsters do not necessarily consume all of the meals in their cheeks straight away they normally shop it beneath the bedding in their cage. It is nonetheless a great concept to be cautious of the quantity of meals you are supplying.

What do hamsters consume?

Hamster Food

You can acquire hamster mix from a pet shop either muesli or pellets. It is a great concept to acquire meals that appears all-natural as extremely coloured foods are usually complete of additives.

Hamsters like fruit and vegetables, but you have to have to be cautious about the quantity you are providing them. Hamsters are naturally only little creatures and also a lot fruit and veg in their diet regime can lead to diarrhea. A little cube of apple, carrot or cucumber is adequate. Hamsters usually in particular like carrots but try to remember they are higher in sugar so do not give your pet also a lot. Other fruit and vegetables your hamster may well like are chicory, cauliflower, broccoli, pear, peach and banana. You ought to under no circumstances give your furry buddy any citrus fruit or onion as they are higher in acid and your hamster could finish up with an upset tummy.

If you want to give your hamster a treat then after a week you can offer a tiny challenging-boiled egg, or some meal worms. These are each a fantastic supply of protein.

It is straightforward to offer a wholesome diet regime for your hamster but 1 point it is quite crucial to try to remember is that no matter how tempted you could be, under no circumstances give a hamster any meals that is sharp or sticky, as it can come to be stuck inside their verify pouches and lead to actual harm. Other than that, as extended as you offer a balanced diet regime, fresh every single day, your hamster ought to be a quite content pet.

How a lot ought to you feed your hamster?

The PDSA suggests that you ought to feed a Syrian hamster 10g of dry hamster meals twice a day. Of course you are going to have to have to take note of what your hamster eats as they do not all have precisely the identical appetite. Surprisingly, when it comes to the query of how a lot do dwarf hamsters consume, the answer is, about the identical as Syrian hamsters. The metabolism of dwarf hamsters is a lot quicker!

When ought to you feed a hamster?

There is some disagreement as to when you ought to give your hamster its meals, with a lot of individuals considering that it is ideal to feed a hamster in the evening when they are active. That is not necessarily accurate. In the wild hamsters come out of their burrows at evening, and this is when they search for meals. Nevertheless, this is primarily for protection from daytime predators.

Substantially like domestic hamsters in their cage, wild hamsters gather meals in their cheek pouches then shop it to consume later. Hamsters wake various instances for the duration of the day to snack on the meals they have stored. Even even though they are not in the wild, your hamster will also appreciate snacking all through the day, so make positive they have adequate meals to do this.

When feeding, it is crucial to try to remember that you ought to under no circumstances leave uneaten food to rot offer fresh meals at every single feeding time. You ought to also offer fresh water every single day and make positive the drinking bottle is cleaned completely at least after a week. If your tap water is higher in chlorine then it is a great concept to give your hamster filtered water to drink.

Hamster Food

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