hamsters eat cheese

Can hamsters eat cheese?

Can hamsters consume cheese?

Yes, hamsters can consume cheese! 

Cheese should not be a substantial component of your hamster’s diet and you should really not feed cheese to your hamster as well typically.

Having said that, feeding cheese to your hamster as a treat, maybe after per week in smaller quantities, should really be fine.

Just before feeding your hamster a substantial quantity of cheese, you should really initially make positive that your hamster does not have a bad reaction to it. You do this by feeding them a quite smaller quantity as a test.

The cheese that you feed to your hamster should really be mild and low in fat.

If your hamster shows no indicators of sickness or diarrhoea for a couple of days immediately after consuming the smaller test quantity of cheese, then you can go ahead and add it to their diet plan as an occasional treat.

As nicely as really hard cheeses, you might also be interested to know that hamsters can consume smaller quantities of cottage cheese. But once again, you should really select a low-fat selection and feed a test quantity prior to feeding cottage cheese to your hamster much more routinely or in bigger amounts.


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