Can hamsters eat carrots?

Can hamsters eat carrots?

Can hamsters consume carrots?

Yes, hamsters can consume carrots! 

Yes, hamsters can eat carrots! 

Hamsters can consume a wide range of fruits, grains and vegetables such as carrots.

Carrots can be a terrific meals for your hamster to gnaw on, which will help keep their teeth good and brief.

The only varieties of fruit and veg that you ought to unquestionably steer clear of are citrus fruits and onions, as their acidity could give your hamster problems with their digestion.

Ahead of feeding your hamster carrots, you ought to initial feed them a tiny test piece and monitor their reaction for a day or two. As extended as they do not show any indicators of illness – vomiting or diarrhoea for instance – then you can start off adding far more carrots to their diet program on a typical basis.

This technique of adding new factors to your hamsters diet applies to all varieties of meals. You ought to often feed a test quantity initial to make certain that new foods do not make your hamster ill – even if you have noticed other hamsters consume that meals with no difficulties.

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