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Louboutina the Golden Retriever Spreading Love Through Hugs in New York City

golden retriever showers new york with handshakes and hugs

Discover the heartwarming story of Louboutina, the adorable golden retriever who has captured the hearts of New Yorkers and social media users alike. Louboutina’s unique talent for hugging strangers on the streets of New York City has turned her into a beloved celebrity and a symbol of love and affection. Learn about her rise to fame, her growing social media presence, and her upcoming volunteer work.

Meet Louboutina, New York’s Hugging Celebrity

Experience the warmth of Louboutina’s hugs and why people are flocking to meet her in Chelsea, New York City.

Explore Louboutina’s popularity on Instagram and her growing celebrity status, attracting thousands of followers who can’t resist her adorable charm.


The Loveable Golden Retriever and Her Affectionate Nature

Discover how Louboutina spends hours each day embracing the people she encounters on the street, spreading joy and love.

Learn about the heartwarming reactions of passers-by, who can’t resist posing for pictures with Louboutina as she captures their hearts with her front paws clasped around their thighs.


A Special Bond and Unforgettable Tricks

Unveil the heartwarming story behind Louboutina’s name and how she became the perfect birthday gift for her owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez.

Explore the unexpected trick Louboutina developed, crossing her paws and holding hands, which touched Fernandez-Chavez’s heart and became a unique Valentine’s Day tradition.


Louboutina’s Loving Nature and Social Media Stardom

Witness Louboutina’s transformation into a social media star, as fans capture and share countless pictures of her endearing hugs on Instagram.

Understand how Louboutina’s affectionate personality extends beyond her owner, embracing everyone she meets and creating memorable moments for all.


From Love to Volunteer Work

Learn how Louboutina’s loving nature inspired her owner to train her as a therapy dog, bringing joy and comfort to hospitals and senior centers.

Discover Fernandez-Chavez’s desire to bring happiness to LGBTQ+ seniors and how Louboutina’s upcoming volunteer work aims to make a positive impact in their lives.


Louboutina, the golden retriever with a heart full of love, has become a cherished symbol of affection in the bustling streets of New York City. From her humble beginnings to her social media fame and upcoming volunteer work, Louboutina continues to spread happiness and touch the lives of those she encounters. Join the growing community of Louboutina’s admirers and experience the warmth of her hugs firsthand, as she leaves a trail of joy in her pawprints throughout the city.


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