How to Handle Your Cat Allergy symptoms and Still Have Cats

How to Handle Your Cat Allergy symptoms and Still Have Cats


Dander is airborne, so will be present in your indoor ecosystem. If you are allergic to cats, then you have to lower your publicity to cat dander as much as you can. But does that indicate you can't have a cat? No! Just adhere to these suggestions for trying to keep cat dander to a least, and your cat allergies beneath command.

Keep The Kitties Out Of The Bedroom

Cats enjoy to curl up on bedding and pillows, but if you have an allergy this can suggest a good deal of sneezing, wheezing, sleepless evenings. Make it a rule that no cats are allowed in your sleeping locations. Maintain your laundry hamper in there as nicely, so the kitties do not curl up on your apparel and go away dander driving.

Use Protection

If you can not keep the kitties out of your living regions, use a include for your sofa that they can lay all around on. When you want to sit on the couch, get rid of the include. Also, acquire your toss pillows and blankets off the couch when you might be not property, so that the cats really don't shed dander all over them.

Have Typical Spa Times

Retaining your cats nicely groomed with normal brushing will maintain dander amounts down. Washing them helps as effectively, if you can basically deal with to do it! There are dry shampoos you can use to clean kitty's coat and hold dander at bay. Make positive that a non-allergic person is in charge of kitty spa working day, for the reason that grooming them will cause your allergy symptoms.

Give Them Privacy

Preserve the litter box very well absent from your sleeping and dwelling areas. If at all probable, really don't keep it in a toilet that you use frequently.. and make absolutely sure a non-allergic individual is in cost of cleanup! Use a box with a lid and a filter on leading, alternatively than an open up pan, and use litter that is reduced-tracking and minimal dust. Clay-based litters are inclined to be dusty, but there are possibilities this kind of as pine and recycled newsprint that operate pretty perfectly.

Thoroughly clean The Air

Due to the fact dander is airborne, you can use air filters and purifiers to preserve the amounts down indoors. These will also filter out dust and other allergens, which can aggravate your cat allergic reactions more. Owning clean air inside of your residence is the finest way to get rid of the allergens that avert you from possessing your favored pet.

Cat allergic reactions never suggest you have to give up your beloved companions. If you comply with these ideas, you can nonetheless take pleasure in your cats... sniffle-absolutely free!

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