Giving Your Cat A Pill

Giving Your Cat A Pill

Giving a Pill to Your Cat


It might be a nightmare to give a tablet to a cat. A cat will fight you tooth and nail to avoid having something forced down his throat. Despite the fact that most cats are little, you'd be surprised at how much power they truly possess. Below, we'll go through several strategies for getting your cat to take his medication.

Crushing a cat pill between two spoons to make a powder is the simplest way to administer it. Put the pill in some moist cat food once it has been powdered. Wet food will appear like a delight to cats who are used to eating dry cat chow. Typically, despite having just taken their medication, they will eat it up.

If the medication is a capsule, all you have to do to administer it to your pet is pry the capsule open, sprinkle the medication over some wet food, and give it to them. The likelihood is that your pet won't eat it if the meal also contains the tablet or if he is ill. In this situation, you ought to research pet pillers. These useful tools are available from your veterinarian. The pill is held in place by plastic rods until you press a plunger. Always choose one that is lengthy and has a gentler tip when you purchase one.

Your vet should demonstrate how to use your gun after you receive it. Getting your cat to open his jaws is the most challenging part of utilizing the pistol. The pill will essentially be shot in the cat's mouth and down his throat by the pistol. To prevent him from wriggling out of your grasp, you must hold him tightly. Once his mouth is open, you must rapidly pull the trigger and take the gun away. Don't forget to reward your cat after inserting the pill with a treat.

You may always try administering your cat's medication by hand if you don't feel comfortable using the pistol. This method requires you to hold your cat still while opening his lips with your hand. Once his mouth is open, you should put the pill in, aiming for the back of his throat. When he has it in his mouth, you should use your hand to cover it and hold it closed for a while. If your cat hasn't already, he will do so in this manner.

If none of the methods mentioned above are successful, you may always visit your neighborhood pharmacy and ask them to turn your cat's medication into a flavored gel or liquid. However, because it can be pricey, you ought to only utilize this as a last resort.

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