Foldex – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics & Facts


The Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds were crossed to create the Foldex, a mixed breed. These felines are renowned for being affectionate, intelligent, and friendly. Always adopt; you might find these cats in shelters and breed-specific rescues.

If you want to bring one of these cats home, don’t go shopping! Canadian breeders sought to create a cat that would resemble a cuddly teddy bear, and that is where Foldexes originated. These adorably cute cats enjoy nothing more than spending time with the people in their lives and getting endless pet sessions.

Additionally, they are ideal for households with children. See all of the traits of the mixed-breed Foldex cat below!

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Foldex – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics

Affectionate with Family
Amount of Shedding
General Health
Potential for Playfulness
Tendency to Vocalize
Friendly Toward Strangers
Easy to Groom
Pet Friendly

Vital Stats:

Life span:12 to 15 years
Weight:5 to 14 pounds
Origin:Quebec, Canada


The Foldex’s beginnings can be traced back to 1992, when they first appeared in Quebec, Canada. Due to their incredibly adorable appearances, the breed was a big draw when it first started to appear in cat shows. Breeder Jeanne Barrette is given a lot of the credit for the Foldex’s subsequent development.

The Canadian Cat Association formally granted the Foldex full championship status in 2010. It can now be found in shelters or under the care of rescue organizations. So if you decide that this breed is right for you, be sure to think about adoption!


This is a cat of average size. As always, there may be some variation in exact size standards. Most Foldexes weigh between five and fourteen pounds. However, a lot of people can be bigger or smaller than average.


You’ll have a hard time finding a cat breed with a more loving and sociable personality than the Foldex. These cats adore cuddling and snuggling sessions with the people in their lives. Sometimes, as you lounge together on the couch or bed, you might start to think you’re really just hanging out with a teddy bear! This a cat that naturally enjoys being petted, and as such, they bring a calming energy to the home.

The Foldex breed, in addition to being adorable, has a strong sense of curiosity, so it’s important to provide intelligent interactive toys to keep the breed’s mind engaged as well as appropriate cat furniture so they can explore and play at their own pace. These affectionate cats are also incredibly sociable, which makes them an excellent choice for large families or homes where a lot of people frequently come and go.


Although Foldexes are typically thought of as healthy cats, they are susceptible to the same diseases that affect the Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair breeds. It’s crucial to continue making regular appointments with your cat’s veterinarian for wellness checks. The following are a few of the more prevalent health issues that it experience:

  • Skeletal flaws.
  • Obesity in cats.


As with all cats, it’s critical to continue your Foldex’s routine veterinary examinations in order to identify any health issues early. Your veterinarian can assist you in creating a maintenance schedule for your cat’s health. In addition to arranging yearly wellness exams with your veterinarian, you should furnish your Foldex’s home with a scratching post.

This can encourage healthy scratching and maintain the health of the cat’s nails. Regular inspection of the Foldex’s ears is also advised to look for infection or signs of dirt accumulation. It is advisable to discuss developing a consistent oral hygiene routine for your Foldex with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can give you advice on particular products and procedures.

Even though it has a friendly and laid-back personality, it’s still important to make sure that the breed has enough room to play and exercise, so think about putting in a cat tree.

Coat Design and Maintenance

You can find the Foldex breed of cat in almost every color and pattern that is offered, including tabby and calico. It has long or short hair will have a huge impact on how you should groom it. Once a week brushing their coat should be sufficient for Foldex with short hair.

However, brushing a long-haired Foldex more frequently will help to reduce the likelihood of mats and hairballs forming. Although the breed will happily accept daily brushing sessions, aim for every other day. This breed of cat is typically a climate-adaptable one. However, during the hottest months, you should always make sure that there is enough shade and fresh water available.

Kids and other animals

The Foldex is a sociable cat that gets along well with young kids. Just watch over any early interactions between children and cats and ensure that early socialization and boundaries are established on both sides. It does well with many domestic animals, including dogs, when it comes to other house pets.

Always keep an eye on the new cat’s early interactions with other animals. In the end, with this breed, early socialization really pays off. When you bring your Foldex home to your family, be sure to reward them for good behavior!

Rescue Teams

Given that Foldexes are a mixed breed, it might be challenging to locate a breed-specific rescue. However, in addition to your neighborhood shelter, you might want to look into shelters and rescues that accept all kinds of cats, including this cat breed.

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