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Health & Wellness

Just like us, our dogs can get sick. Keep on top of your dog’s health and wellness with tips and advice written and reviewed by our Vets.

It’s great when our dogs are at optimum health however when you know something isn’t quite right, we all like to be well prepared as possible with the right information on how to deal with any health issues that may arise. There are a number of factors that can cause dog health issues, many of these are dependent on the breed of your dog, genetics, its age, physical fitness, diet and the environment in which you live in.

We also need to be aware of the regular check-ups and standard treatments that can apply to all dogs, such as vaccinations, desexing, dental care, worming as well as treating fleas and ticks. Other common health issues that you might come across include allergies, arthritis, diabetes, ear infections and obesity. Getting to know the basics of your dog’s health and wellbeing will go a long way to ensuring they live a long and happy life with you by their side.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Pet proprietors dread fleas and if introduced with a flea infestation can be terribly perplexed. The greatest issue these times is how to get rid of fleas the natural way. Pet source outlets will promote a amount of flea collars. It is virtually not possible to know which to use …

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Find Reputable Puppy DNA Assessments Now

Numerous of us who adopt blended-breed puppies are constantly thinking what actual breeds they are created up of. This is basically a way a lot more important query than you could ever envision. Being aware of the breeds in your dog will enable you to know their wellbeing and behavioral …

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Puppy Health – Not Taking in

There are lots of telltale signs that your little buddy is struggling, notably if he or she is not ingesting. Overall symptoms of ailment can assortment from continual nasal discharge (runny nose!), To vomiting, ongoing itching, irregular bowel actions, problem strolling or managing, or simply not feeding on. Though some …

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