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Rare and Unusual Cat Breeds

Though there are hundreds of doggy breeds and a massive variation in personality and look by way of selective breeding, there are fewer than 100 cat breeds, with only 40 formally recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Devon Rex

Any individual who has even recognised a Devon Rex has no doubt fallen under the spell of this endearing breed. With their comfortable, curly coat, massive ears and occasionally a little bit frazzled whiskers, they are lovable and snuggly and also extremely intelligent. The Devon Rex is a extremely men and women-oriented cat not suited to prolonged durations of solitude. They are in some strategies explained as pet dog-like and bond incredibly intently generally to a person individual in the domestic. Their unconventional coat is owing to a deficiency of thicker guard hairs, with just a soft downy undercoat. This deficiency of hair has also gained them some standing as a prospective hypoallergenic breed, but like all hypoallergenic cats, they do nonetheless item the FEL D-1 protein that results in allergy symptoms, they just drop less.

Scottish Fold

If you’ve at any time dropped an afternoon to watching cat films on YouTube, you’ve almost certainly appear throughout perhaps the most famed Scottish Fold, Maru. Though Maru does not have the wholly folded owl-like ears of some Scottish Folds, he does have the attribute round deal with and shortish legs. The fold is a genetic mutation that happened in Scotland in a barn cat named Susie and from the unique solitary fold due to a cartilage defect, selective breeding has improved the folds to sometimes 3, creating the ears in some Scottish Folds to fold nearly wholly flat. Thanks to this mutation Scottish Folds can have other cartilage defects, generating them far more most likely to acquire distressing degenerative joint disease, specially if they are not out-crossed to other breeds these types of as British Shorthairs. Scottish Folds have a loyal, adaptable and playful temperament with a fantastic vocal repertoire.

Australian Mist

This Australian breed was developed in 1976 by crossing Burmese, Abyssinian and domestic shorthaired cats. It was at first recognized as the Noticed Mist, but the title was altered to include other coat variants. Mists are identified to have really small undercoat, so they never call for significantly brushing and won’t leave hair all in excess of your residence. The Mist as nicely as becoming gorgeous, with putting generally inexperienced eyes, shiny coat and delicate markings, has a pretty affectionate temperament. They enjoy attention and make great spouse and children pets.


Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is most effective recognized for its uncommon adore of drinking water and is frequently referred to as the swimming cat. This exceptional breed, traces its origins to a few of cats that had been taken back to the British isles from Turkey in 1955. Considering that then supplemental genetics have been extra from other Turkish cats and they are typically acknowledged to be relatively robust. The Turkish Van has a brief-drying, extremely gentle, cashmere-feeling coat that is manufactured up of awn hairs, missing both equally guard hairs and a accurate undercoat. They do tend to drop in summer time, but preserve a wonderful bushy tail 12 months-round. This massive statured cat is an outstanding jumper, typically likes to ‘fish’ in drinking water bowls and is incredibly playful and energetic.


 Norwegian Forest Cat

The wonderful lion-like Norwegian Forest Cat has adoring lovers globally, but harks from Northern Europe, where its coat is possibly much more suited to the colder local weather. This massive and durable cat enjoys to climb and has a attractive tranquil, impartial temperament. Adult males can simply reach 10kg in bodyweight, and due to their fluffy coat, they really do appear greater than lifestyle. They are normally regarded as to be a breed with number of genetic complications, but at times go through incidences of coronary heart disorder and eye challenges.



The Bengal is part Asian leopard cat, crossed with a domestic shorthair. They have superb noticed or marbled markings, from time to time with a shimmery gold ‘glitter’ impact, that actually helps make them a lovely cat to appear at. This athletic breed is agile, active and fairly of a wildcat at moments. They can be wilful and very talkative and need to be kept occupied or have a companion to maintain them active. They are susceptible to coronary heart problems, but are if not commonly nutritious cats.

Bengal Cat breed

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