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Heartworm in Cats: Why Heartworm is Worse for Cats than Dogs


Is your cat at possibility of heartworm?

A lot of people remedy “No!” mainly because their cat lives indoors. But you only have to believe of the aggravating excitement of a mosquito close to your head for the duration of the evening, to know that bugs get indoors. And so yes, heartworm does have an affect on cats, not just canines.

With that in mind perhaps it’s time to rethink every thing you assumed about heartworm, in buy to operate out the true hazard to your cat. You may well be surprised…and not in a superior way.

3 Motives Why Heartworm is Even worse for Cats than Pet dogs

If you will need further motivation to read through on, know that heartworm disorder is worse for cats than pet dogs. Why is this?

#1: No Risk-free Cure: The medications employed to get rid of grownup heartworms in canine, are extremely harmful to cats. Not only will the meds eliminate the parasite but they may well eliminate the feline host as nicely.

#2: Tougher to Detect: A quirk of biology means that cats host lessen quantities of grownup heartworm (which are just as lethal) than dogs. This would make the infection harder to check for and detect.

#3: Sudden Death: Some cats really don’t present any symptoms that they are harboring heartworm and the very first indicator is the cat drops down dead.

How Do Cats Capture Heartworm?

Heartworm is transferred from just one contaminated animal to a different by mosquitoes. Therefore, while heartworm just can’t be passed right from cat to cat or pet to cat, it can be handed doggy-mosquito-cat.

If you want to get technological, the mosquitoes have the larval kind of heartworm. When the mosquito feeds it breaks the skin and makes it possible for larvae to enter into the unwary host. From there the larvae in the host’s bloodstream migrate to its most popular target organ and mature.

It requires up to six months for a larva to grow into an adult heartworm. And guess what? The heartworm’s favorite residence is without a doubt the heart or the big blood vessels of the heart…which is undesirable news for the circulation and a probable heart attack in the building.

Is Your Cat at Hazard?

Considering the fact that heartworm is passed through mosquitoes, your cat doesn’t need direct speak to with an additional contaminated animal. It could possibly be a dog three streets away has heartworm, will get bitten by a mosquito which is then blown on the wind to your block. If that mosquito receives in as a result of the open up patio door your cat is now at hazard of infection.

So those cats at best risk incorporate:

  • Those people living in areas with superior fees of heartworm an infection
  • Cats dwelling around places of wildlife or strays (the place heartworm command is not likely)
  • Felines dwelling in close proximity to great mosquito habitats these as bodies of standing drinking water
  • Cats when no heartworm preventative is utilized
  • A local weather that favors the mosquito lifetime cycle

The other undesirable news is that every single adult worm can stay for two to 3 several years within a cat. This indicates even if the cat only encounters one infected mosquito per 12 months, refreshing an infection can happen the adhering to year and so the amount of grownup worm bit by bit begin to develop.

Signs of Heartworm Infection in Cats

In the worst circumstance circumstance, some cats demonstrate no signals of illness and just fall down dead. This devastating convert of functions can either be owing to an allergic response to larvae migrating via the lungs or the coronary heart starting to be blocked with grownup worms.

However, quite a few cats do clearly show indications – just not really unique ones. These signs or symptoms can involve:

  • Coughing
  • Swift respiration
  • Vomiting
  • Fat reduction
  • Fainting
  • Swollen tummy

As you can picture, these signs and symptoms are very vague and can be triggered by any selection of other challenges from infection to asthma and pancreatitis.

Diagnosing Heartworm in Cats

This can be tricky. Quite a few factors complicate the blood exam results, these as bogus positives mainly because worms were current but are now dead and untrue negatives when there are not adequate worms are present to induce a favourable consequence.

Long story shorter, the vet will want two sets of blood assessments to come back optimistic, in advance of diagnosing active infection. These are:

1 An Antibody Exam: A good outcome suggests the cat has been uncovered to heartworm and mounted an immune reaction.

2: An Antigen Check: This appears to be for proof of the existence of heartworm, by detecting selected proteins on its surface

If both equally of these are positive, or 1 is favourable and the other unfavorable, the vet may well choose to operate a coronary heart ultrasound. This will allow the vet to essentially location any grownup worms current, and thus clinch the analysis.

Treating Feline Heartworm

Unfortunately, there is no uncomplicated solution for therapy in cats.

The prescription drugs used in dogs carry a important threat of extreme side effects, like loss of life, in cats. The ‘hero’ choice is medical procedures to remove the adult worms from the heart, but this is only performed in uncommon circumstances and is a professional method.

A halfway dwelling is to use medications to assistance the having difficulties coronary heart and alleviate the symptoms of heart failure. For the blessed cats, this can prop them up for lengthy more than enough to outlive the worms.

Prevention is Superior than Treatment

Provided the possibility and probable seriousness of heartworm an infection, avoidance is superior than heal.

Thankfully, there are a quantity of safe and successful goods which when employed properly will safeguard your cat. Communicate to your vet about the solutions and which is ideal for your cat.

Ahead of you presume your indoor cat is safe and sound, know that all 50 US states have confirmed heartworm instances, so no location can be assumed safe and sound. Also, mosquitoes are typical and conveniently blown significant distances on the wind. So even if you never dwell near standing h2o, you can not presume anything.

Even so, it’s not all poor information. When evaluating infection rate in between cats and dogs in the exact same geographical place, the price among cats is considerably reduce at close to 5 – 20% of that of puppies. It appears cats make a a lot less hospitable host to heartworm than canines for that reason, when you use a preventative consistently there’s each and every possibility of your cat foremost a prolonged and balanced existence.


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