Dogs and the Internet

For the first time in human history, the individual has the tools to change the world … Seriously. All it takes is a computer, a unique perspective, a blog or YouTube channel, and the passion to make positive change!

Get enough people to listen and believe in you, And, boom! you will make a difference in this world …. hopefully for the better.

I know I've simplified the process a bit. but if you have the passion and creativity, the Internet is really your digital playground.

But where do our dogs fit in … they are not able to use computers (no one has invented an ergonomic paw-friendly key board). And the internet, I'm afraid, is a little over their heads …

That's why as humans we need to have our dogs' voice on this new digital platform … We need to upload their videos on YouTube, and even give our dogs their own blogs …. It might sound far fetched, but we need to do it with passion and zeal!

Sites like mine serve that exact purpose. Luckily I am not alone … There are other great dog websites on the internet – Dogster,, – that give dogs a true voice on the Internet. And with 6-8 million dogs being euthanized every year our dogs need to be heard!

The Million Barks Project (yesterday's entry) is another chance to give our dogs a voice in this new digital / global world.

Right now I am working on a separate site, to maximize our power as a community of dog lovers. Not only will the site be interactive, but it will make you look at the world from a completely different perspective – your dog's.

I want to leave you with One Final Thought:

The internet can transform an idea into reality almost over night … That is the audacity I have for "The Million Barks Project" … To save dogs' lives over night!

However, it will not be our voices that will be heard.

For the first time in recorded history, It will be our BARKS!

Source by Matthew Goodman

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