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Team: Herding

Body weight: male: 60-75, female 50-65 lbs

Top: male: 24-26, feminine 22-24 inches


This breed is at first from the highlands of Scotland. In this article they have been utilised as sheepdog and with the herding and guarding of flocks. Just before these pet dogs have been scarcely regarded somewhere else in the globe, but right now they are really well-known all around. It is stated that Queen Victoria liked the Collies so substantially and saved a handful of at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Due to the point that she was so fond of them, they attained a ton of recognition across the planet.


The Collie is a effectively-mannered, brief and sharp brain dog with a sweet character. They are simple to train, and have a wonderful granting skill. This breed helps make wonderful family members canines, and also receives together really well with other animals. The Collie is really possessive, light and defensive of the people today they enjoy. These pet dogs are absolutely faithful to their proprietors. In addition to staying a superb family pet, they are also superb companion of young children. Collies also really like to participate in online games such as tug of war and hide and look for. Collies are very sensitive canines, but they like to socialize with other animals and folks.


The Collies with coarse hair demands more attention and grooming, more so as the smooth Collies. Their coats shed filth really often so they need thorough cleaning on a weekly foundation. Clean Collies on the other hand are extremely effortless to groom, but should nevertheless be bathed and brushed when required. This breed get rid of 2 times during the yr, and these pet dogs are not ideal for people with too small time.


Collies are very supple and also uncomplicated to teach. They command suitable instruction complete of action and issues. These puppies have to have a bodily training of about 60-80 minutes for every working day. Instruction must be various if not these puppies will grow to be bored quickly. If you are interested in obtaining a Collie, you ought to have ample persistence and adequate time to spend with these canines.

Overall health complications

The Collies are really wholesome in general, but are only a number of critical and regular health conditions. Some of the serious complications that experience from are progressive retinal atrophy where by the cells of the retina commence dying at a more quickly fee. Some other disorders that they wrestle with are Collie eye anomaly, grey Collie, Dermatomyositis, gastric torsion and Collie nose. Aside from all of these circumstances, they also put up with from hip dysplasia.

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