Dog Toy Gifts

Dog Toy Gifts

Toys provide your pooch healthy mental stimulation and physical exercise, while countering destructive behavior brought on by boredom. Whether it’s catch or fetch, please play responsibly - especially with an overly aggressive dog.


Gamago Zombie Foot Dog Toy

Prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Watch too much The Walking Dead? Ward off the unwanted undead. Frighten them away having an appearance by your pooch…gnawing on the frightening Gamango Zombie Foot Dog Toy. The walking dead will cower in fear as blood retching squeaks emanate from this lifelike, detached human foot. This morbidly funny, easy to clean, vinyl find is produced in lovely blood red and gangrene - perfect to get the holiday season. No family photo is complete without a severed foot hanging from your dog’s slobbery mouth.

Kyjen Plush Invincible Snake Dog Toy

When it comes to toys, especially ones that squeak, most dogs don’t stop until the item is obliterated. Let this snake slither its way into your dog’s toy box this holiday season for hours of fun. The Invincible Snake Dog Toy by Kyjen will stand up to even the most destructive dogs. Made with Dura Tuff material put together with double-layered seams, the toy will continue to squeak even if it’s been punctured.

Nite Ize MeteorLight K-9 Led Dog Ball

Most light up dog toys are hard plastic, and blink only while in motion. Many cease to blink once they’re grounded, thus are nearly impossible to find in the dark. Once the switch of the MeteorLight K-9 Led Dog Ball Disc-O is pressed, the light continually glows. The microchip-controlled LED light cycles through a full color spectrum, powered by the included, easily replaceable, 3V lithium battery. Great for nighttime fetch in the park.

Soft Bite Floppy Disc

The Soft Bite Floppy Disc is an excellent alternative to the traditional hard-plastic Frisbee, as its nylon fabric and rubber tubing construction make it easy on your dog’s mouth when you play catch/fetch. Use with constant supervision; not a chew toy.

Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot-Action Dog Fetch Toy

Exercise your enthusiastic dog, without experiencing the arm fatigue often associated with a rousing game of fetch. Just attach a handle to the slingshot, pull back, release, and rocket-launch the Pro Ball Go-Frrr fetch ball across the park. The Go-Frrr ball whooshes through the air with ease, enticing your dog to follow. If it lands in the water, no worries - Go-Frr fetch balls even float. Perfect for training working Retrievers. Each U.S.-made, Pro Ball Go-Frrr Double Play Kit contains two balls and one launcher handle. Made of extra durable, bouncy rubber, this fun balleven floats. For use on land or water, the Soft Bite is also safe for humans (so don’t worry about “accidentally” hitting Uncle Larry in the head). Not intended as a chew toy.

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