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The best small-area pet, the Chihuahua is huge on individuality in contrast to its tiny stature.

Chihuahuas are nicely identified and effectively-loved very little puppies who usually have really unique and solid personalities. They have a popularity for getting additional individuality than size and can vary from the greatest couch potato to a veritable firecracker up for anything at all.

They love to accompany their entrepreneurs on outings and are known for currently being celeb handbag puppies. They generally bond unbelievably intently to their proprietors and need excellent socialisation at a youthful age so they grow up to be self-assured pet dogs.

A intense Chihuahua is a surprise to behold, they will get on much greater puppies, with little recognition of their measurement. Amazingly they will frequently gain these battles with pure bluff and bluster. They are delighted, playful and affectionate at periods and do not cope with very long periods of solitude.

WHAT DOES THE CHIHUAHUA WANT IN THEIR Best Lifetime Husband or wife/Family?

My perfect owner is pleased to just take me just about everywhere, even if this usually means carrying me into outlets and cafes. I really do not need to have loads of exercising, but I do want to be the centre of attention at household and when out and about. My great evening is spent curled up on the couch with a particular another person having heart-to-coronary heart chats.

AT A Glance

Lifespan 12-18 a long time
Excess weight 1.8-5kg (4-11lb)
Peak (at shoulder) 15-25cm (6-9 in)



Stubborn/solid willed – Chihuahuas are recognised to be a minimal stubborn at situations. They can be easily educated if inspired with constructive instruction procedures are employed, but they will usually have a intellect of their possess.

Brave – No 1 ever explained to the Chihuahua that they are small. They will typically take on substantially bigger pet dogs and will seldom back again down if challenged. They can also be a minimal timid if not socialised when younger and these canine will have to be diligently watched around little youngsters.

Energetic – Chihuahuas are pretty lively minor puppies and will need tons of exercise and stimulation. They are typically quite excitable, notably when their entrepreneurs come residence.

Faithful – A Chihuahua will usually bond quite intently to a single individual in the family and be incredibly loyal. This can translate to a pet dog that is not suited to lengthy intervals of staying alone and maybe even a bit snappy if not socialised properly.

Work out & Schooling

Training Demands Minimal – -.5hrs for every working day
Training Demands Minimal – -.5hrs for each day
Condominium Helpful? Yes


Chihuahuas are modest, energetic and generally really energetic at home. Their modest stature signifies a walk can be relatively quick, but they do like to accompany their house owners on frequent outings and excursions to the café and stores. They are not suited to extended periods of solitude and will typically pine for their proprietors if left alone. If you are contemplating a Chihuahua guarantee you socialise your pup and expose them to a lot of different folks, noises and conditions prior to 12 months of age. A confident, socialised Chihuahua is a enjoyment to possess, though an anxious, fearful dog can be aggressive in the direction of youthful young children and other major puppies.

Chihuahuas are ideal condominium pets, they do need firm, training and mental stimulation like any pet dog, but they really do not essentially involve long walks. Chihuahuas can be solid-willed minimal items, and will easily operate the show if not specified stringent policies and dependable teaching. Teaching a Chihuahua is quite lower upkeep but they can be complicated to inspire if they are not food stuff-determined. They have to have a lot of instruction prior to 6 months and socialisation, but as they get more mature they do not call for so significantly ongoing get the job done.


Outings to the Groomer No- quick care at household
Tick Welcoming? Certainly
Hypoallergenic No
Brushing Very low – Minimal to now brushing
Hair tumble Average Drop- will drop some hair, but not too much
Coat Kind Small or extensive-haired kinds


Chihuahuas occur in a extensive and quick-haired assortment. The long-haired variation demands weekly brushing and may possibly have to have more recurrent baths, depending on their way of life. They are if not very minimal-upkeep as their coat is not continually increasing like the poodle so they never have to have clipping. They will get rid of, so a everyday or weekly brush will aid halt this excess hair achieving the carpet.

Relatives Condition

Excellent With Youngsters Superior – ok with more mature youngsters, but perhaps not those people less than 5
Good With Other Smaller Pets Medium – Okay with other pets, supervision advised
Sociability Medium – Can are living alone or with many others.


Chihuahuas are saucy minimal dogs, who are frequently explained by their house owners as enjoyment-loving, busy minor puppies. They adore very little much better than to be with their favorite particular person and will bond extremely closely to their entrepreneurs. With out early socialisation and boundaries they can grow to be a very little demanding, so they are preferably suited to professional owners and those people that have time to consider their canine with them on outings.

Although Chihuahuas can get on nicely with other puppies and animals, they do have a tendency to be really men and women-oriented minor dogs and are very content in a single-pet dog household, so lengthy as they get tons of cuddles, pats and enjoy from their loved ones.

Chihuahuas can be very good with small children if socialised and introduced up with them, but their small fragile dimension and loyal temperament helps make them ideally suited to grownup households relatively than young little ones. Chihuahuas can be good with other pets if they grow up with them, and definitely their smaller size means they are tiny menace to compact pocket animals.


General Bills (Once-a-year) Lower $1000-$1500
Veterinary Expenditures (Once-a-year) Low – $100-$300
Foodstuff Expenses (Weekly) Lower cost $5 – $10 for every 7 days


As a smaller pet, preventative well being treatment wants are a lot reduced charge in comparison to large-breed dogs. They are generally pretty sturdy when it arrives to vet visits, but will generally involve frequent dental cleans, so pet insurance plan is advisable. They are vulnerable to a few other health and fitness troubles and can be at chance of falls and accidents from staying stepped on or by rough play with other dogs.

Health and fitness & WELLBEING

Main Overall health Problems

Dental disease – Small breed dogs normally get major dental disease, at times by way of weak diet program and deficiency of chewing, but also basically due to genetic things. Utilizing daily brushing, diets that involve chewing and possibly h2o additives can enable.

Luxating patellas – Chihuahuas often have knee caps that pop in and out, occasionally with no agony, but in a comparatively smaller amount of conditions they need to have surgical correction.

– Chihuahuas, owing to their dome-shaped head can in some cases produce excessive fluid in the mind, which is normally evident at a youthful age and causes neurological signals, which includes eyesight deficits, seizures, irregular actions or they might show up less clever than typical.

Tracheal collapse – a lot of Chihuahuas have a attribute ‘goose honk’ cough with work out or exhilaration due to the tracheal cartilages remaining a tiny weak, this can guide to improved risk of airway bacterial infections.

Coronary heart Ailment – There are numerous styles of heart difficulties the Chihuahua can get. Some are congenital, but extra typically they can get mitral valve endocardiosis which prospects to a murmur that can progress to coughing and work out intolerance.


Dental care – Chihuahuas are inclined to acquiring dental disorder at a younger age, so preventative day by day brushing can help to continue to keep their mouths nutritious.

Body weight management – trying to keep your Chihuahua a balanced weight will assist to limit the threat of issues from luxating patellas or tracheal collapse.

Hypoglycaemia – as puppies toy breeds are susceptible to producing hypoglycaemia if not fed quite a few small meals a day, specifically if they are pretty active pet dogs.

Harness walking – to avoid problems to the sensitive trachea and minimize the possibility of prolapsed eyes, your Chihuahua is greatest walked with a harness somewhat than a collar.

Ask your vet to on a regular basis examine your dog’s heart and if there is a murmur make positive the resting respiratory level stays down below 30 breaths for each minute.

BREED ORIGIN AND Intriguing Specifics

Chihuahuas have a fascinating history. One particular concept is that they are descended from the Techichi, which was stored by the indigenous individuals of Mexico all-around 800-1000CE and potentially even applied sacrificially and for meals.

They have been imported into the US for the duration of the 1890s and ended up popularised by actresses as lap canines and trend extras in their early incarnation, as perfectly as nowadays.

Presently the Chihuahua is typically deemed by most kennel clubs to be the smallest breed and is usually outlined in the top 10 most popular.

A Chihuahua has taken out the Worlds Ugliest Pet dog title at Petaluma California two times, once was a cross-breed known as Yoda in 2011, but a pure-bred Chihuahua also gained in 2012, her title was Princess Abby. Princess Abby suffered from an attention-grabbing issue named bipedalism which intended her hind legs had been appreciably extended than her forelimbs.



Petfinder lists all types of puppies who want households, the two purebred and combined breeds, adults and puppies.

The ASPCA usually has Chihuahuas for adoption, just do an sophisticated search on their adoption web page.

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