The Bengal Cat

If a cat that appears as though it has walked straight out of the wilderness and into civilization is what you want, then the Bengal cat fills that order. The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed manufactured by crossing the domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat. The motivation of such cross breeding is to make a cat that appears to be like wild, but has the temperament of a domestic cat.

Bodily Entire body

The most distinctive feature of the Bengal cat is its extremely soft, thick, and uniquely patterned coat. There are two unique patterns identified within just the Bengal cat breed. All those are spotted and marbleized. The noticed coat is closest to its leopard ancestor, that includes leopard spots in different shades of brown, rust, orange, sand, black, and grey. The marbleized coat is developed from the mixing of the Asian Leopard cat with a domestic tabby to produce splotches that glimpse far more like marble. In both case, the Bengal cat has a look that is equally strikingly gorgeous and wild.

Other than the coat, one more distinguishing characteristic that sets it aside from other cats is its muscular physique, much more popular in males than girls. Bengal cats are pretty athletic, sleek, and muscular.


The Bengal cat enjoys to be part of the family. They like to interact and participate in. This is not to say they will not request out a comfortable chair or lap in which to lie for a nap, but for the the vast majority of the working day they are incredibly energetic cats. Remaining a superior strength cat, they are not for a person searching for a docile animal to lounge all-around the dwelling and seem rather.

The exotic heritage of this cat would make it special each in search and character. Even while it takes five generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding to generate a line regarded as a Bengal cat, these felines have a wild ancestral heritage and some of individuals instincts can continue to be witnessed in late generations by their intense intelligence, significant power, and innate curiosity. This is a cat that loves to perform and will desire interaction with their proprietors but in a way that is most nice. Some Bengals can even be properly trained to wander on a leash and perform fetch. It can be also claimed by some house owners that their Bengals really like water and will shower with them.

Because of to the wild ancestral line of the Bengal, mindful selective breeding procedures are carried out by higher high quality Bengal cat breeders to make sure that the docile temperament of the domesticated ancestors is dominant.

Common Professional medical Difficulties

As with any breed of cat or pet, particular health-related issues seem to be to be extra commonplace than other people. For the Bengal, the most frequent health and fitness issues observed by veterinarians are as follows:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy – This problem inevitably causes blindness. There is no way to display for this issue, so there is no way for a breeder to tell if a kitten will have difficulties afterwards on.

Cataracts – Thickening and clouding of the eye lens, causing reduction of vision about a period of time of time and eventual blindness. This problem can be reversed considering the fact that cataract surgical procedures is offered for cats.

Cardiomyopathy – This addresses each thickening of the heart muscle mass and thinning of the coronary heart muscle mass, the two causing pretty very poor circulation. Cats stricken with this problem can seem balanced for a incredibly very long time and then instantly seem really sick.

Inflammatory Bowel Disorder – This is a problem in which an infection is current in just the digestive tract. The signs or symptoms of this ailment are commonly vomiting and diarrhea. Any Bengal exhibiting signs and symptoms really should be taken to the veterinarian straight away to avoid dehydration.

Foods Poisoning – Bengals have specially sensitive stomachs. For this purpose, their meal plans must be thoroughly monitored and desk scraps should under no circumstances be on the menu.

One medical trouble you will under no circumstances have to fear about with the Bengal cat and quite possibly their most fascinating characteristic is they possess an apparent immunity to feline leukemia. This is an inherited trait that the Bengal cat received from its ancestor the Asian Leopard cat.

Bengal cats are a person of the most fascinating breeds in existence currently. From their wild markings to their playful and loving demeanor, Bengal’s are an complete joy to have all around the house, primarily in a home with children. If a cat who functions extra like a family member is preferred, the Bengal cat is a fantastic decision.

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