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5 Suggestions to Preserve Your Flokati Rug White, Fluffy and Clear

If you have a Flokati rug or are taking into consideration purchasing a person, in this article are some tips on how to preserve your Flokati rug white, fluffy and cleanse.

1. Get your Flokati rug outside and shake it

Offering your rug a good shake can assistance carry any woollen fibres which have become flattened when household furniture has been positioned on it or since of a whole lot of foot site visitors. Shaking your rug will also remove a ton of dirt and dust which has turn into caught in the woollen fibers.

If you can get an individual to enable you shake the rug, that is greatest. Just about every man or woman holds just one side and shakes it vigorously. You will detect dust and dirt coming out of the rug. Retain on shaking it right up until all the dust and filth seems to have long gone.

If you have no-one particular to enable you, position it on the apparel line. Peg one aspect of the rug to the garments line, though you keep and shake the other side.

Check out and make the effort to give it a superior shake at minimum just about every thirty day period.

2. Leave your rug exterior for a even though, but not in the sunlight

Just after you have supplied your rug a excellent shake, depart it outside the house to air it, preferably for a couple of hours. This can help get out any odours and assistance freshen it.

Don’t leave it in the sunshine. Your Flokati rug is built of wool and way too a lot daylight can make the wool on your rug look yellow. Sun can discolour woollen items.

3. Brush your rug

Get a tender bristle brush and brush the rug. This can untangle any matted woollen fibers. Brush it from the centre in direction of the outsides of the rug. Some of the fibers could get caught in the brush, and that is ordinary.

You may want to keep away from vacuuming the Flokati rug, primarily if you have a vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush in the head of the vacuum cleaner. The extended woollen fibers can get caught in the head of the vacuum cleaner, which is just not very good for the rug or the vacuum cleaner.

4. Elevate the woollen fibers

Immediately after you’ve got supplied your rug a fantastic shake, and a superior brush, you can raise the woollen fibres with an ordinary plastic yard rake. Make positive the rake is thoroughly clean. Position the rake at the foundation of the woollen fibres and carefully elevate the wool from the bottom up.

This ought to be relatively effortless to do after you have brushed the rug. Some of the fibers might get caught in the rake and this is good. This will not result in damage to your Flokati rug as it is pretty sturdy.

5. Washing your Flokati rug

A Flokati rug demands a excellent wash about the moment a year, dependent on how filthy it will get.

If it is small, you can clean it in your equipment on a light cycle. Use a gentle detergent, the exact same you use for woollen clothing. Do not use bleach. Location it out in the shade to dry, and then give it a very good brush after it has dried.

If your rug is substantial, put it outside and spray it with water. Get your brush, dip it in a mix of chilly h2o and mild detergent and brush it. Then dry it in the shade. Brush it when it is dry, adopted by raking it.

Shaking, airing, raking and washing your Flokati rug ought to retain it white, fluffy and clean up.

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