Cat Door with Grooming Brush

Cat Door with Grooming Brush

Cat doors are a popular solution for pet owners looking to provide their feline with free passage from the indoors to the outdoors-and back again. Usually sized smaller than a standard-size dog door, these openings are generally equipped with a frame and flap that cats can easily fit through. Even for indoor-only cats, an installed cat door can be a great solution for giving your kitty access to rooms where the door is frequently closed.

Finding the right cat door starts with taking your cat's measurements. Cat doors come in varying sizes, so it's important to look for an option that will easily accommodate the size of the largest cat using the door.

Keep in mind that most cat doors designed for use on exterior doors can also be used on interior doors, but the opposite isn't always true. You also will want to decide what type of locking mechanism you need on your cat door in order to protect your pet, and also to prevent strange animals from wandering into your home!

Here, the best cat doors to give your feline the freedom to roam.

Purrfect Portal Cat Door for Interior Doors with Grooming Brush

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NO MORE TIGHT SQUEEZES: Your Purrfect Portal cat door with brush has a larger opening than most - 6" x 7.2" (with brush); 7.5" x 10.3" (without) - so it fits even the plumpest kitty (up to 20 lbs.).

MORE SECURE THAN MOST: Why settle for inferior pet doors for cats that attach with flimsy adhesive tape? Our patent-pending portal fastens with 4 sturdy screws, so it will never rip away from the door

BRUSH WILL NOT POP OUT: Other kitty doors have shakier brushes that pop out at the flick of a whisker. But Purrfect Portal's brush slides into a patent-pending track that keeps it snugly in place.

FITS ALL STANDARD INTERIOR DOORS: Most cat holes aren't designed for hollow-core doors. (May even pinch paws.) But Purrfect Portal safely fits any solid or hollow interior door, 1.25"-1.75" thick.

SLEEK, STURDY & DOWNRIGHT CUTE: Your cat interior door has a charming design formed of molded plastic for ultra durability. There's no noisy flap to terrorize your baby. S/he will prance right through.


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Cat Door with Grooming Brush 2


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CAT DOOR WITH GROOMING BRUSH: Brush collects loose cat hair when it sheds on every pass-through hole, improving the overall cleanliness of your home. The brush can be easily removed for quick dust off.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Use the template to mark your door, and with just a jigsaw and a screwdriver, you can quickly provide cats a freedom door. Environment-friendly Ptheckage includes detailed instructions, cutting template, 8 long screws, and 9 caps.

FITS ALL STANDARD INTERIOR DOORS: Safely fits any solid or hollow interior door, 1.18" to 1.8" thick. Smooth, Wide opening allows your cat to pass through. Designed for cats around 35 pounds.

CAT'S DOOR TO FREEDOM: Give your cats the freedom to go in or out without asking for your help to open the door. Create a private doorway for your cat in the laundry room, pantry, basement, garage, etc. This large cat door keeping kids and dogs out.

DURABLE LAST: Unlike other cat doors, your lesotc cat door doesn't rely on tape or glue for installation. The included drilling screws keep your pet door set up for years to come.


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FICUSWIN Cat Door Interior Door

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CAT DOOR WITH SOFT BRUSH:This is a silicone comb, which is very comfortable,caresses your cat on eextremely pass.Cat door with brush includes a large open

BARRIER FREE HOLE:Create a safe hole for your cat to get in and out at any time.Put the cfrom food in the house and refuse the entry of the dog. The cat can come back to eat and drink water after freely going out to play.

SIZE & APPLICATION: Suitable for hollow or solid interior doors with a size of 1.18" to 1.8". It is also suitable for installation on thin walls.The brush can collect cat hair and can be easily removed (6.7'' x 6.3''), can let cats under 35 pounds pass.!Then tighten with a screwdriver.Unlike other cat doors,FICUSWIN CAT DOOR doesn't depend on tape or glue for installation,keep your pet door in place for years.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - SATISFIED SERVICE : If you have any dissatisfaction, please let our after-sales team know. We'll try our best to help you solve the problem. SO HAPPY SHOPPING!

SIMPLE AND EASY INSTALLATION:Use the template to mark your door and cut it open.! Tips:Pay attention to safety during installation.


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