Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt? What You Need To Know!

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt? What You Need To Know!

Yogurt is considered a healthy snack for humans. In fact, its capability to promote good gut health means that a lot of us are encouraged to eat more of this treat. It is often combined with fresh fruit, but may also incorporate chocolate flakes and other sweet additions, but it is still considered a healthier alternative to other nice treats.

Can hamsters eat yogurt?

Yogurt is considered safe for hamsters, but you should only offer natural yogurt without fruit or other ingredients added to it. While the yogurt may not do your hammy any harm, the fruit and the added sugar could do him considerably more harm than good. You will also find that plenty of hamster treats are actually coated in yogurt, while some treats are made almost entirely of this ingredient. As such, it is safe to give your little rodent friend a small amount of yogurt to see if he likes it, but there are some precautions you should take first.


Health Benefits Of Yogurt

There are plenty of health benefits for humans to eat yogurts, but the primary one is that it helps to promote good gut health. Hamsters can benefit from prebiotics and probiotics, and yogurt firmly falls into this category. However, it is worth noting that you should limit the amount of yogurt you feed your hammy.

Other health benefits include:

Yogurt contains protein, which is essential for the growth of muscle and for your hamster’s general health.
Calcium serves to strengthen your hamster’s teeth, which is essential in this small breed of animal, and yogurt is a known source of the mineral.
Vitamin B, also found in yogurt, helps your hamster maintain good condition and it keeps him active and healthy.

Another potential benefit of yogurt is that, if your hamster enjoys eating it, you can use it as a treat to encourage bonding between the two of you. You should get your hamster from the cage as often as possible to handle him and ensure that he is well socialized. Consider putting a blob of yogurt on your finger and feeding it to him this usually way. It will encourage him to approach and sit on your hand more easily.

How To Prepare Yogurt

Yogurt doesn’t need any special preparation to feed your hamster, nevertheless, you should ensure that you choose the right kind of yogurt. Ensure it’s natural yogurt and that it does not contain additional ingredients.

Some people enjoy yogurt with pancakes and if this includes you, then it is also safe to give your hamster a very small amount of pancake. Even if the fruit itself is considered safe for your hamster, the manufacturer may have included extra elements like artificial preservatives, sugar, or sweeteners, and these are not considered healthy for the little one. Yogurts that contain chocolate, chocolate flakes, or other sweet ingredients should also be avoided.

How Much And How Often

Yogurt can cause bloating, does contain a moderate level of sugar, and it can be dangerous to your hamster if it has gone bad. Too much yogurt is also likely to result in diarrhea. These potential problems mean that you need to only feed a limited quantity of yogurt to your hamster. Use the following as a guideline.

You can feed anywhere from a quarter of a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon every week, depending on the size and appetite of your hamster, as well as whether you give him any other treats. The breed of hamster makes a difference, too.

A Syrian hamster can be fed anywhere from half a teaspoon, if he has other treats, to a full teaspoon a week, if yogurt is his only treat.
As the smallest of the hamster breeds, the Dwarf hamster should be given the smallest amount of this food. Give them a quarter of a teaspoon every other week. This isn’t much, and you may choose to give other treats instead.

You will also find yogurt treats in a lot of pet shops. These should be sized perfectly for hamsters. While you should follow the guidelines on the packet, remembecomer to take into account any treats that you give.

Alternatives To Yogurt

In general, dairy is considered safe for your hamster, but you must always check for additional ingredients and preservatives. You should also determine the fat and sugar content before giving any dairy products to your hammy.

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate?

Not only is Greek yogurt considered safe, it has an especially high level of calcium and protein, and it is also higher in good gut bacteria, so it can be considered even healthier for your hammy than standard yogurt. You still need to ensure that it is pure yogurt and will not contain additional sweeteners or other additional ingredients.

Can Hamsters Have Milk?

Most dairy products are considered safe for hamsters, including milk. While your hamster might prefer whole milk, you should only give skimmed milk, and you should only give a very small amount infrequently.

Can You Feed A Hamster Pancakes?

It is commonplace for yogurts to include ingredients like fruit. It should be plain and it should only end up being served cold to avoid injury to your hamster’s mouth.

Is Greek Yogurt Safe For Hamsters?

Chocolate is considered toxic to hamsters. Any chocolate is dangerous, but dark chocolate is definitely especially toxic, especially to the sweet-toothed hamster, who will certainly not turn his nose up at this ingredient.

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Another ingredient that is often included with yogurt is fruit, and the banana is one of the most popular. Fortunately, it is also one of the safest for your hamster, and one that he is likely to really appreciate because it will feed his sweet tooth, too. You can feed approximately a quarter of a teaspoon every week.

Is Yogurt Safe For Hamsters?

Hamsters can enjoy a wide variety of meals and foods, along with additional treats along with other items. Yogurt is not only safe but offers several health benefits for your hamster, but you will need to make sure that you only feed plain yogurt and that it does not have unhealthy, additional ingredients or additives.

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