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Birds for Cats? How to Set Up a Bird Feeder for Indoor Cats

2021-11-26  PetsCareTip

Want a super-simple form of entertainment for cats? Create a bird feeder outside your window! I recently did this and have already seen some great benefits.

Why set up entertainment for cats?

Offering your cat a way to stay active and entertained during the day decreases the likelihood that he or she will develop behavioral problems. 


In addition, you may notice your cats:

  • Be more active during the day - and less at night!
  • Become less needy
  • Get along better with other pets in the house

How to set up a bird feeder for your indoor cats

  1. Select a feeder type for the birds you want to attract. Different birds eat different types of food and from various kinds of feeders. Do some research to find out whether the birds you’d like to entice eats from platform or perch feeders and what kind of foods they eat.)
  2. Set up easy-viewing for your cats. Create a comfortable place where your cats can watch the feeder. You can do this by adding a window ledge pillow, a cat tree with perch or a shelf with a pillow. Just place your cat’s perch at least 5-6′ from the feeder itself, otherwise it’s unlikely birds will visit your feeder. (Watch the video below to see the perch I set up for my cat Kura.)
  3. Find a window at least 10 feet above the ground. You want to create your bird feeder high enough to stop feral cats and/or squirrels from being able to reach it. If birds don’t think it’s safe, they’ll come less often.
  4. Make sure to secure your window and window screens. (I wanted to attract cardinals and bluejays, so I set up a wide, flat feeder - called a platform bird feeder - and fill it with suet bird food. Before you set up your feeder, make sure the window and windowpane screens in that area are protected. Even if your window screens appear to be solid, it’s a good idea to let your household know not to open this window anymore. This will make absolutely sure your cat is safe and can’t fall out. For those who have large, glass windows without screens, ensure that you put some kind of indicator or reflector on the outside of the glass so birds won’t become confused and fly into the glass.

Once you’ve finished the above, start adding food to the feeder and wait. It may take a few weeks, but eventually birds will start regularly visiting the feeder and your cat will be happier than ever!

By PetsCareTip.Com

2021-11-26  PetsCareTip