Aphrodite Giant – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics & Facts


Since the Aphrodite Giant is a naturally occurring cat breed, there was no need for human intervention in its development. These cats have a reputation for being kind, loving, and wise. Always adopt; you might find these cats in shelters and breed-specific rescues. If you want to bring one of these adorable kitties into your home, don’t go shopping!

The Aphrodite Giant appears to be a big, muscular cat. They’re a total sweetheart, despite their athletic stature. The breed is wonderful for families and enjoys spending time with kids. Although they don’t do well when left alone for extended periods of time because they are such sociable cats. Make sure your cat spends the majority of the day with another cat or people.

The traits of the Aphrodite Giant cat breed are listed below.

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Aphrodite Giant – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics

Affectionate with Family
Amount of Shedding
General Health
Potential for Playfulness
Tendency to Vocalize
Friendly Toward Strangers
Easy to Groom
Pet Friendly

Vital Stats:

Life span:12 to 15 years
Weight:11 to 24 pounds


The Aphrodite Giant is one of two naturally occurring breeds of cats native to Cyprus. The breed’s muscular build and long legs, which helped them navigate the terrain and stalk larger prey, are thought to have originated in the mountains, where it was first discovered. Additionally, the cat’s thick coat allowed it to survive in the chilly mountain climates.

One of the oldest cat breeds in the world, it’s has been around for almost 10,000 years. It’s began to receive official recognition from the World Cat Federation in 2012. Aphrodite Giants may now be found in shelters or under the care of rescue organizations. If you decide this is the breed for you, think about adoption!


It’s a big cat called the Aphrodite Giant. As always, there may be some variation in exact size standards. The average weight of an Aphrodite Giant is between ten and fourteen pounds for females and between fifteen and twenty-four pounds for males.


The Aphrodite Giant is an absolutely gentle giant of a cat, there is no question about that. These cats are exceptionally affectionate and quickly build strong, enduring relationships with all the people in their lives. They get along particularly well with kids. The breed thrives in a large, active family setting where there is constant activity all around them. These cats adore having a sense of inclusion in the activities of the day.

Large cats with a history of living in mountains will need at least one cat tree to scale and claim as their own, and the larger their living space, the better it will be for them. However, despite having an athletic appearance, the Aphrodite Giant breed of cat prefers nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch with their favorite people and take a nap for the entire afternoon.


Although Aphrodite Giants are typically thought to be healthy cats, it’s still important to schedule routine wellness examinations with your cat’s veterinarian. The following are a few of the more prevalent health issues that Aphrodite Giants experience:

  • infected ears.
  • Obesity.
  • Hairballs.


As with all cats, it’s critical to continue your Aphrodite Giant’s routine veterinary examinations in order to identify any health issues early. Your veterinarian can assist you in creating a maintenance schedule for your cat’s health. Smart cat, the Aphrodite Giant. You must make sure that the cat has a room that is big enough for it to enjoy living in and that there are smart toys available to keep the breed mentally active.

Due to the cat’s history of living in the mountains and stalking prey, interactive treat toys are ideal, and you should search for feeding stations that require the cat to figure out how to access their food. Your Aphrodite Giant will require routine nail inspections in addition to yearly wellness vet visits. If you’re new to cat maintenance, ask your veterinarian how to do this best.

It is also crucial to have access to a scratching post or station, whether it is made of sisal or corrugated cardboard. In addition to nail care, you should check the cat’s ears for signs of dirt buildup or potential infections and clean them as necessary. Additionally, be sure to ask your regular veterinarian for advice on how often to brush your Aphrodite Giant’s teeth.

Coat Design and Maintenance

Although it can have a wide range of coat colors, the Aphrodite Giant has never been seen with a chocolate, lilac, or mink coat. The Aphrodite Giant cat can have either long or short hair. How frequently you should brush the thick coat will depend on which variety you choose. This needs to be done every other day for long-haired cats.

A proper brushing regimen will also lessen the likelihood of hairballs. Keep a close eye out while grooming the cat for any mats that may be beginning to form, as with all breeds. Keep in mind that regular brushing will keep the cat’s coat healthy and clean!

The Aphrodite Giant cat is typically thought of as a weather-adaptable creature that can thrive in most environments, and because of their thicker-than-average coat, they fare better in cold climates than most felines. Just keep in mind to always make sure there is enough shade and clean water available when the temperature rises.

Kids and other animals

When surrounded by kids, the Aphrodite Giant thrives. The cat and the children in your home will develop warm relationships. Just watch over any early interactions between children and cats and ensure that early socialization and boundaries are established on both sides. The Aphrodite Giant usually gets along with other domestic animals, including other pets.

However, you should keep an eye on the first encounters the new cat has with other animals. In the end, with this breed, early socialization really pays off. When you bring your Aphrodite Giant home to your family, be sure to treat them well for their good behavior.

Rescue Teams

Due to their relative rarity, it might be challenging to locate a breed-specific rescue for Aphrodite Giant cats. However, in addition to your local shelter, you might want to look into shelters and rescues that accept all kinds of cats, including Aphrodite Giants.

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