American Bobtail – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics & Facts


The American Bobtail has a distinctly untamed appearance thanks to his short tail, tufted ears and toes, and strong body.

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American Bobtail – Mixed Cat Breed Characteristics

Affectionate with Family
Amount of Shedding
General Health
Potential for Playfulness
Tendency to Vocalize
Friendly Toward Strangers
Easy to Groom
Pet Friendly

Vital Stats:

Life span: 11 to 15 years
Length: Medium
Weight:8 to 13 pounds
Origin:United States and Canada


Bobtailed cats, which have shorter tails due to a natural genetic mutation, have been spotted all over the world throughout history, from Japan to the Isle of Man. Sometimes the appropriate individuals notice them, and presto! A new breed is created. The American Bobtail, a short-tailed kitten that John and Brenda Sanders bought while on vacation in Arizona, is an example of this.

When the Sanders family returned to Iowa in the swinging 1960s, they gave him the name Yodi, and Yodi eventually established himself as the breed’s patriarch by having his way with Mishi, the Sanders’ female. The fact that the trait was present in Yodi and Mishi’s kittens suggested that a dominant gene was responsible for it.

Charlotte Bentley and a family friend named Mindy Shoultz, who had previous experience breeding Persian cats, worked together to breed the unusual cats. They crossed the kittens with other naturally short-tailed cats that they had discovered in various locations across North America. They carefully bred the cats to be large and robust with a wild appearance but a sweet disposition.

All of the domestic shorthair and longhair cats used to create the breed were not pedigreed. As a result of the cats’ pedigrees now being longer than their tails, such outcrossing is no longer necessary after 50 years. The American Bobtail was added to the new breed category of the International Cat Association in 1989, and it received full recognition in 2002. The Cat Fanciers Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association both recognize the American Bobtail.


The average American Bobtail weighs between 8 and 13 pounds.


Suppose you adore the Golden Retriever’s personality but are unable to handle his size and high level of energy. American Bobtail enthusiasts advise that you instead look at their cat. He is devoted to his people, follows them around, enjoys playing, walks well on a leash (after training, of course), and smiles at visitors. He is a lover with a heart of gold.

This cat is intelligent and likes to play fetch, learn new tricks, and use puzzle toys. Although he is not as vocal as some breeds, he expresses his happiness through chirps, clicks, and trills in addition to the usual purr and meow. The American Bobtail is a good traveler because of his adaptable nature.

He makes a great friend for long-distance truckers and Rvers. Due to the loving and perceptive traits of cats, some psychotherapists have found a niche for them. He fits in well with a range of lifestyles, from laid-back to rowdy, thanks to his adaptability and kindness.


Pedigreed and mixed-breed cats both have varying rates of health issues that could be genetic in origin. In general, American Bobtails are in good health.


As long as you brush or comb the American Bobtail’s coat a few times a week, it typically doesn’t mat or tangle. In the spring and fall, you might notice that the cat sheds more, so it might be a good idea to groom him more frequently during those seasons. Rarely is a bath necessary. To prevent periodontal disease, brush your teeth. Although daily brushing is preferred, once a week is still preferable to never.

Twice a month, trim your nails. To get rid of any discharge, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the corners of your eyes. To prevent the spread of any infection, use a different area of the cloth for each eye. Each week, check your ears. If they appear to be dirty, clean them with a cotton ball or soft, damp cloth dipped in a 50/50 solution of warm water and cider vinegar.

Cotton swabs shouldn’t be used because they can harm the ear’s interior. Maintain a spotless litter box. Cats are extremely picky about bathroom cleanliness. An American Bobtail should only be allowed indoors to avoid contracting illnesses from other cats, getting mauled by dogs or coyotes, and other risks that outdoor cats face, like getting hit by a car. American Bobtails that venture outside also run the risk of being taken by a person who wants to own such a stunning cat without having to pay for it.

Coat Design and Maintenance

The American Bobtail has a distinctly wild appearance, similar to that of a bobcat, with his short tail, tufted ears and toes, and powerful body, but he is a domestic cat through and through. He matures slowly, taking up to three years to reach his full size, and his sizes range from medium to large. The short tail that distinguishes this breed is a good place to start when describing his appearance.

Every tail is different. They can be shorter or longer, but the majority are 1 to 4 inches long. The ideal bobtail can be straight with a fat pad at the end, slightly curved or kinked, or bumpy along the length of the tail. It should also be flexible and expressive, long enough to be visible above the back when the cat is alert, and it should not be too flat or smooth.

As with the Manx, kittens almost never become completely tailless. There are kittens with long tails in some litters. Although they won’t be show ring favorites, they can be employed in breeding programs. Two lengths of shaggy fur cover the notably athletic body. The American Bobtail is a short-haired dog with a medium-length double coat that is composed of hard outer hairs on top of a downy, soft undercoat.

The texture of the coat may be softer when it is a lynx point, a silver, or a color that is diluted. The britches (upper hind legs), belly, and tail of longhaired Bobtails are covered in long hair. The long hair may give the face the appearance of mutton chops. There are many different hues and patterns of fur. Except for odd (each eye a different color), the eyes can be any color.

Kids and other animals

For families with young children, the sociable and easygoing American Bobtail makes a good choice because he enjoys playing. Always keep an eye on young children to prevent them from pulling the cat’s fur or teasing him by twisting his tail. Because of his friendly nature, he enjoys living with other cats and canine companions who get along with cats. To ensure that they learn to get along with one another, introduce pets gradually and under controlled conditions.

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