Afghan Chon – Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics & Facts


The Afghan Chon Mixed Dog Breed is a distinct, playful mixed breed that is gaining popularity. This cross between the elegant Afghan Hound and the fluffy Bichon Frise. This newer cross will undoubtedly continue to win hearts for many years to come. They are known for their boisterous personality as well as their distinctive curly fur. Both of the Afghan Chon’s parent breeds are adored for a variety of reasons.

The Afghan Hound was a hunting dog before becoming an elegant companion. Despite its small size, the Bichon Frise is popular as both a show dog and a family pet. Many people will find this combination to be an ideal dog breed. Because the Afghan Chon is a crossbred, they are rarely available for adoption. There are still millions of dogs in shelters looking for homes.

When looking for a specific breed, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. However, given the Afghan Chon’s rarity, it’s important to remember that they may not be recognized by shelters and may be listed as a mix. Continue reading for a detailed list of Afghan Chon characteristics.

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Afghan Chon – Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living***
Good For Novice Owners**
Sensitivity Level***
Tolerates Being Alone*
Tolerates Cold Weather***
Tolerates Hot Weather*
All Around Friendliness****
Affectionate With Family*****
Dog Friendly****
Friendly Toward Strangers****
Health And Grooming Needs***
Amount Of Shedding***
Drooling Potential**
Easy To Groom**
General Health****
Potential For Weight Gain*
Easy To Train***
Potential For Mouthiness**
Prey Drive**
Tendency To Bark Or Howl****
Wanderlust Potential***
Physical Needs***
Energy Level***
Exercise Needs***
Potential For Playfulness****

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:10 to 26 inches
Weight:10 to 70 pounds
Life Span:10 to 14 years


  • Because of its crossbred nature, the Afghan Chon comes in a wide range of sizes.
  • The Afghan Chon is known for having curly fur that requires regular grooming. Their distinctive fur gives them a puffball-like appearance.
  • Afghan Chons are suitable for almost anyone and, depending on their size, can be suitable for apartment living.


The Afghan Chon is a mixed breed with no history as a distinct breed. However, both parent breeds are well-known and popular. The Afghan Hound is a large sighthound that was bred in Afghanistan. They were once used to hunt fast prey like rabbits and gazelles, but now they are more likely to burn off their energy in a sporting event like agility.

The Bichon Frise is a small breed that excels in competitions. They have been around much longer than most breeds, with the first evidence of their existence dating back to the 14th century.


than most breeds – the first evidence of their existence dates back to the 14th century. The size of an Afghan Chon can vary greatly. Because the Bichon Frise is a small breed and the Afghan Hound is a large breed, their offspring can be of any size. In terms of size, the Afghan Chon typically outnumbers the Bichon Frise. They are most likely small or medium in size. They come in a variety of colors, but the most common is tan.


The Afghan Chon frequently experiences separation anxiety. This means that they are frequently best suited for a lifestyle in which a dog parent is present. They might enjoy going to a dog-friendly workplace or simply keeping a family member who works from home company. Afghan Chons are frequently amicable and loving with their families.

Keeping this in mind, it’s still a good idea to start working on socialization at a young age. Bichon Frises can be nippy at times, so it’s critical that this trait is not passed down to the Afghan Chon.


While Afghan Chons from responsible breeders are usually healthy, there are some genetic predispositions to health issues with this crossbreed to be aware of.

  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Obesity.
  • Hot Spots.
  • Cataracts.


The Afghan Chon requires regular exercise, but it does not have to be strenuous. Smaller Afghan Chons are likely to be satisfied with a half-hour daily walk; larger Afghan Chons can have this time increased. While this breed is suitable for apartment living, they can be noisy if not exercised. It is critical to provide appropriate stimulation to encourage good behavior.


The Afghan Chon should be fed a diet that is similar to that of a small breed with medium energy levels. Consider foraging opportunities such as a snuffle mat or filled bone to provide additional stimulation for this breed. Because each dog’s dietary needs are different, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food to feed your pup.

Color and Grooming of the Coat

The coat of the Afghan Chon requires regular maintenance. Their curly coats are prone to matting, which can cause skin problems if not kept under control. Brushing should be done at least three times per week. Bathing should be done as needed, and no more than once a month. Routine dog grooming visits should be considered by dog parents who are too busy for regular grooming.

If you are looking for a new puppy, it is a good idea to introduce your new friend to a dog toothbrush at a young age, as dental problems are common in older dogs. Check on nail maintenance as you would with any other dog breed.

Children and Other Animals

Before adding the Afghan Chon to your family, there are a few things to think about. The breed is frequently friendly with older children. Their playful personalities and curiosities make them ideal for most children. They can, however, be hyper, which means that children under the age of five are at risk of being bowled over or jumped on.

Furthermore, children who are unfamiliar with dog handling may irritate the dog and receive a nip. Although this breed is not known to be aggressive toward small pets, never leave your pup unattended or allow them to play with a small pet such as a hamster, as they may inadvertently injure them.

Rescue Organizations

Because the Afghan Chon is a mixed breed, there are no breed-specific rescues. However, similar mixes are frequently available for adoption. Breed-specific rescues for the Afghan Hound or Bichon Frise frequently rehome mixed breeds, so one of these could be a good fit. If you can’t find an Afghan Chon, consider rescuing a similar fit.

Many small dogs, particularly seniors, are in need of homes. Whatever the circumstances, consider welcoming a rescue dog into your home.

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