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The Affenwich Mixed Dog Breed is a newcomer to the crossbreed scene. This crossbreed comes from the parent breeds Affenpinscher and Norwich Terrier, both of which have been beloved family pets for many generations. This puppy has a lot of energy and is best suited for an active household. Could you be the one?

The Affenwich is a diminutive breed. Having said that, their personalities make them appear larger than life. The Affenwich is a vocal and sometimes hyper dog that is best suited for a dog parent who doesn’t mind some exercise. Although vocal and energetic, they may be suitable for apartment living with proper training.

For these puppies, stimulation is essential; providing them with puzzle toys and regular exercise can ensure their happiness in your home. Due to its rarity, this breed is unlikely to be found in shelters or rescues.

However, don’t let this deter you from adopting one of the millions of dogs in shelters or rescues who are looking for forever homes. Breed-specific rescues aimed at either of the parent breeds may have a similar adoption mix. Continue reading for a detailed description of the Affenwich.

Affenwich Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

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Affenwich Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living***
Good For Novice Owners***
Sensitivity Level**
Tolerates Being Alone***
Tolerates Cold Weather***
Tolerates Hot Weather**
All Around Friendliness****
Affectionate With Family*****
Dog Friendly*****
Friendly Toward Strangers***
Health And Grooming Needs**
Amount Of Shedding*
Drooling Potential*
Easy To Groom**
General Health***
Potential For Weight Gain*
Easy To Train***
Potential For Mouthiness***
Prey Drive*****
Tendency To Bark Or Howl*****
Wanderlust Potential***
Physical Needs****
Energy Level****
Exercise Needs****
Potential For Playfulness****

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:9 to 11 inches
Weight:7 to 10 lbs
Life Span:10 to 14 years

More information for Affenwich Mixed Dog Breed


  • The Affenwich is a small, friendly family companion.
  • While the Affenwich is a small dog, it is boisterous and can play with larger dogs at the dog park.
  • The Affenwich may become too noisy for apartment living if not properly trained.


The Affenwich is a relatively new crossbreed, but both of its parents are well-known and well-loved. Affenpinschers were once bred in Germany for their excellent ratting abilities, but they are now better known as a loving, if mischievous, family companion.

The Norwich Terrier was also developed as a ratting dog, though its origins were in the United Kingdom. The Affenwich combines the best of both worlds into a caring, sometimes protective family member.


The Affenwich is a small dog breed with a fiery personality that can make them appear larger than life. Both parent breeds of the Affenwich are hypoallergenic and low-shedding, which is another feature that Affenwich owners appreciate.


The Affenwich strives for perfection and enjoys bonding with dog owners through training. This is a good thing, because the breed is prone to excessive vocalization and requires consistent training to remain well-behaved. The Affenwich can be a good apartment dog on occasion, but only if dog parents are consistent in keeping them active and stimulated, as well as focusing on positive training.


The Affenwich is a typically healthy dog that can easily live to be 10 years old. However, due to genetic predispositions from their parent breeds, some potential health issues may be more common in these dogs.

  • Patellar luxation.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Cataracts.
  • Allergies.


The Affenwich needs to be exercised and stimulated on a regular basis. This pup performs best when they are given a task. In addition to indoor playtime, taking the Affenwich on two half-hour walks per day should suffice. In terms of emotional needs, the Affenwich may not be cuddly, but they do enjoy your company.


The Affenwich should be fed a diet that is similar to that of a small energetic dog. Overfeeding and weight gain are common in small breeds. Try low-calorie treats like sweet potato when training with the Affenwich. Because each dog’s dietary needs are different, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food to feed your pup.

Color and Grooming of the Coat

The Affenwich has a medium-length, thick coat that is often wiry. This dog will benefit from regular brushing and semi-frequent bathing. Brushing should be done at least once per week. While the breed is a low shedder, the coat’s thickness can easily lead to matting if not maintained.

The ears, which have heavy locks that can become matted with fur on the inside or hide earwax buildups on the inside, are a potential source of concern in this breed. Additionally, as with all other breeds, check the Affenwich’s nails on a regular basis to ensure they do not become overgrown.

Children and Other Animals

Because of their ancestors’ history as ratting dogs, Affenwich are frequently unsuitable for families with small pets such as hamsters or mice. Because of their strong prey drive, they may be prone to chasing or catching small animals whether or not they are raised around them. The Affenwich enjoys the company of children, but it is important to ensure that young children understand how to properly handle the dog.

Rescue Groups

Due to the rarity of this crossbreed, there are currently no dedicated Affenwich rescue groups. However, with millions of dogs in shelters and rescues looking for forever homes, a little searching is likely to turn up a similar crossbreed. Consider rescuing a similar match for your family, such as a Border Terrier or Cairn Terrier.

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