Affenshire – Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics & Facts


The Affenshire Mixed Dog Breed is a newcomer to the world of popular crossbreed dogs. This small dog, a cross between an Affenpinscher and a Yorkshire Terrier, is full of personality. This breed mix has an endearingly scruffy coat and a winning smile. The Affenshire is certain to charm everyone they meet.

The Affenshire is a curious and loving companion with highly regarded and well-loved parent breeds. Affenshires are known for being overprotective and sometimes noisy, and they form strong attachments with their family. The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as a Yorkie, has a more hyper personality. This pervades the Affenshire’s overall demeanor. Furthermore, the Yorkie’s proclivity to yap for attention means that this mixed breed requires someone who is dedicated to properly training them. Apart from their noisy tendencies, they adore their pet parents.

Because the Affenshire is a crossbreed, they are rarely available for adoption. However, there are millions of dogs in shelters looking for forever homes. Even if you’re looking for a specific breed, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. There are numerous Affenpinscher/Yorkie mixes looking for new homes. Furthermore, some shelter employees may not recognize the breed’s status as a “designer” breed. These dogs could be labeled as a generic mix. Continue reading for a detailed list of Affenshire characteristics.

Affenshire Mixed Dog Breed Picture

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Affenshire – Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living****
Good For Novice Owners****
Sensitivity Level***
Tolerates Being Alone**
Tolerates Cold Weather***
Tolerates Hot Weather**
All Around Friendliness****
Affectionate With Family*****
Dog Friendly****
Friendly Toward Strangers***
Health And Grooming Needs**
Amount Of Shedding***
Drooling Potential*
Easy To Groom**
General Health****
Potential For Weight Gain***
Easy To Train***
Potential For Mouthiness**
Prey Drive****
Tendency To Bark Or Howl*****
Wanderlust Potential***
Physical Needs***
Energy Level****
Exercise Needs**
Potential For Playfulness****

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:8 to 11 inches
Weight:4 to 9 lbs
Life Span:12 to 15 years


The Affenshire Terrier is a small dog with a big heart. From strolls at the park to outdoor dining, this pup would love to accompany you everywhere. This breed is probably not a good fit for dog parents who dislike grooming. They are distinguished by their luxurious, silky coat. Although they are typically excellent apartment candidates, proper training is required. Affenshires may also vocalize out of boredom if not properly stimulated.


Because of their crossbreed status, the Affenshire has little history as a separate breed. Both parent breeds, however, are well-known and popular. The Affenpinscher was developed as a ratting dog. Their small size and high prey drive made them adept at this task, but they are now more likely to be found as a family companion.

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie, was once a status symbol during the Victorian era. They are now well-liked for their adaptability as family pets, making them suitable for both apartment dwellers and coexisting as part of a large, busy family.


The Affenshire is a small dog with a boisterous personality that can make it appear larger than life. With a weight range of 4 to 9 pounds, this breed is almost a pocket pet. They have coat colors ranging from tan to blue that were contributed by the parent breeds. Furthermore, their silky coat is prized by many dog lovers but may necessitate trips to the groomer for busy pet parents.


While the Affenshire is known for being playful and inquisitive, they can be easily satisfied with a short daily walk. This makes them an excellent potential companion for pet parents who find it difficult to get out and about. Even with that in mind, the Affenshire would still like to be by your side. This breed could be content in a variety of settings, from family pet to office companion. Although typically great for apartment settings, keep in mind that, like any other dog, the Affenshire still has needs. Excessive vocalization must be discouraged through proper training. If your Affenshire does not get enough exercise or mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys, they may become bored and start making noise.


The Affenshire is a relatively healthy breed, which is great news for anyone considering getting one. However, there are some known health issues with this breed to be aware of.

  • Obesity.
  • Allergies.
  • Bronchitis.
  • luxation of the patella.
  • Diabetes.


The Affenshire is a low-maintenance breed in terms of exercise, but not necessarily in terms of attachment. This dog is usually content with a 20-30 minute walk and some indoor playtime. They are, however, prone to separation anxiety at times. If you intend to travel frequently, consider bringing your Affenshire with you. If that isn’t an option, consider hiring a dog sitter or walker.

While the Affenshire does not require much exercise, they do want to feel engaged. Provide plenty of toys and opportunities for your Affenshire to use their mind, such as short training sessions. Keeping this breed entertained deters potential misbehavior.


The Affenshire should be fed a diet that is appropriate for a small breed with low energy levels. Because of their small size, this breed is prone to overfeeding; avoid giving them too many treats or fatty foods. With the Affenshire’s long coat in mind, consider providing coat health supplements such as salmon oil. Because each dog’s dietary needs are different, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food to feed your pup.

Color and Grooming of the Coat

Despite its low overall maintenance, the Affenshire does require some extra grooming. Brushing for maintenance should be done every day or every other day. Although many dog parents enjoy grooming their dogs’ silky coats, a shorter cut may be a good fit if you don’t enjoy grooming. If you are unable to groom your dog on a regular basis, take him to a groomer; neglecting grooming can result in issues such as hot spots and mats. This breed, like all dogs, requires regular nail trimming.

Children and Other Animals

The Affenshire is a friendly dog who gets along with almost everyone. However, there are some things to think about before bringing them into your family. Small children may be too rough for the Affenshire, resulting in defensive nips. The same can be said for much larger dogs. To avoid injury, make sure any other puppies know how to play gently. Because of the Affenpinscher’s ratter history, the Affenshire may have a higher prey drive than other breeds, so be cautious around small pets like hamsters.

Rescue Groups

Because the Affenshire is a mixed breed, there are no breed-specific rescues. However, similar mixes are frequently available for adoption. Affenpinscher and Yorkie rescues frequently rehome mixed breeds, so one of these may be a good option. Check Facebook groups or other breed-specific clubs to see if anyone is looking to rehome their pet.

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