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The Affenpoo Mixed Dog Breeds is a crossbreed dog that is related to the Poodle. This dog, a cross between the lesser-known. Affenpinscher and the Poodle, is intelligent and eager to learn. Although the Affenpoo can be bred from any of the three recognized Poodle sizes, the Toy or Miniature Poodle is the most common parent.

The parent breeds of the Affenpoo, particularly the Poodle, are known for their intelligence and trainability. They are extremely social and enjoy accompanying their dog parents wherever they go. New dog parents may appreciate this breed mix’s ability to train easily due to their intelligence and demeanor.

This breed mix also exhibits restraint and patience, which are characteristics of the Poodle. If you’re looking for a companion dog, an Affenpoo is a good choice. Because the Affenpoo is a crossbreed, they are unlikely to be available for adoption. There are still millions of dogs in shelters looking for homes. When looking for a specific breed, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue.

There are numerous Affenpinscher/Poodle mixes looking for new homes. Continue reading for a detailed list of Affenpoo characteristics.

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Affenpoo Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living***
Good For Novice Owners***
Sensitivity Level***
Tolerates Being Alone**
Tolerates Cold Weather***
Tolerates Hot Weather*
All Around Friendliness****
Affectionate With Family*****
Dog Friendly****
Friendly Toward Strangers**
Health And Grooming Needs**
Amount Of Shedding****
Drooling Potential*
Easy To Groom**
General Health****
Potential For Weight Gain**
Easy To Train****
Potential For Mouthiness**
Prey Drive****
Tendency To Bark Or Howl****
Wanderlust Potential****
Physical Needs***
Energy Level****
Exercise Needs***
Potential For Playfulness***

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:10 to 18 inches
Weight:10 to 25 lbs
Life Span:12 to 15 years

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The Affenpoo enjoys being close to their human companions. If you have the ability to bring your dog to work, this breed would be delighted to join you. This breed is not suitable for dog owners who dislike grooming. They have a thick, easily overgrown coat. Affenpoos can fit into a variety of lifestyles, but their need to be close to their people should be taken into account. They’re probably not a good fit for dog parents who travel frequently.


As the Affenpoo is a crossbreed, they don’t have history as an independent breed. However, both parent breeds have extensive histories. The Affenpinscher was bred to be a ratting dog, and the breed was bred to excel at it. Because of their small size, intelligence, and high prey drive, they were skilled, but they are now more likely to be found as a family companion.

The Poodle was originally bred to retrieve ducks. They were well-liked for this purpose because they were talented swimmers with excellent recall skills. However, their intelligence and trainability make this breed versatile for a variety of tasks. Although the Poodle is often stereotyped as a prissy show dog, they are equally at home in dock diving or agility as they are in a show ring.


The Affenpoo is a small dog, but their personalities may persuade you otherwise. The coat colors contributed by the parent breeds range from white to blue in the breed. As a crossbreed, they have no breed standards and can come in any color combination. The breed’s thick coat can make them appear larger than life at times.


The Affenpoo may be small, but a stroll through the park does not satisfy them. To keep their minds active, the Affenpoo requires a dedicated daily walk, indoor playtime, and other activities.

They might even enjoy dog agility competitions. Many new dog owners mistakenly believe that a small breed is automatically a good apartment dog. The Affenpoo, on the other hand, might not be a good fit. They can be overprotective and noisy, which isn’t always appropriate for apartment living.


The Affenpoo is frequently healthy and long-lived, which is great news for anyone considering bringing one home. However, there are some known health issues with this breed to be aware of.

  • Patellar luxation.
  • Cataracts.
  • Dysplasia of the Hip.


The Affenpoo is a sensitive, needy breed that craves human interaction. They would most likely be content in a home where dog parents are frequently present. They also frequently enjoy the company of another canine companion.

Walks should not be skipped because this breed will become anxious and possibly destructive if not exercised. While dog walkers can be useful when dog owners are away, keep in mind that the Affenpoo is known to be wary of new faces.


The Affenpoo should be fed a diet that is appropriate for a small breed with high energy levels (in most cases). The Affenpoo has a thick, ever-growing coat. Consider including foods like salmon oil in your diet to help with coat health. Because each dog’s dietary needs are different, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine the best food to feed your pup.

Color and Grooming of the Coat

The Affenpoo coat is anything but low-maintenance. When considering this breed, keep in mind that they must be brushed on a daily basis. Their thick coats become matted easily and require regular bathing and trimming. Tear staining below the eyes is also common in this breed. To keep your pup looking their best, professional grooming may be required. Additionally, as with all dog breeds, keep nails trimmed.

Children and Other Animals

There are some things to think about before adding an Affenpoo to your family. Typically, this pup is eager to please almost everyone. However, keep in mind that this crossbreed shares the Affenpinscher’s high prey drive. Small animals, such as hamsters or rats, may not be compatible with the Affenpoo.

While most children are friendly, make sure that the children in your home aren’t too rough. Nipping and other undesirable behaviors may result from rough handling.

Rescue Organizations

Because the Affenpoo is a mixed breed, there are no breed-specific rescues. However, similar mixes are frequently available for adoption. Breed specific rescues for the Affenpinscher or Poodle often rehome mixed breeds, and so one of these may be a great option.

Look for puppies listed as “Affenpinscher mix” or “Poodle mix.” Crossbreeds, such as the Affenpoo, are sometimes overlooked by shelter workers and go undetected. Whatever the circumstances, consider welcoming a rescue dog into your home.

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