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The Chihuahua and Affenpinscher dog breeds were crossed to create the Affenhuahua Mixed Dog Breed. These puppies, who are small, sassy, and very active, inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Affenchi is another name for Affenhuahuas.

You can find these mixed-breed dogs in shelters and rescues despite the fact that they are considered a designer breed, so adopt! Shop not! These little, adorable puppies make excellent apartment dogs for city dwellers who are active, but they can also adapt well to small or one-person households. They may also exhibit some territoriality and yapping.

The Affenhuahua Mixed Dog Breed might be the ideal dog for you if you’re looking for a vivacious, sassy pet that will keep you on your toes, warn you of any dangers, and adore you without condition. Petscaretip suggests using this carrier when taking your tiny Affenhuahua on the road. For any outdoor excursions you take your dog on, you should also buy this dog water bottle! See all the characteristics and information about Affenhuahuas listed below.

Affenhuahua Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

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Affenhuahua Mixed Dog Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living****
Good For Novice Owners****
Sensitivity Level****
Tolerates Being Alone*
Tolerates Cold Weather**
Tolerates Hot Weather***
All Around Friendliness***
Affectionate With Family****
Dog Friendly**
Friendly Toward Strangers**
Health And Grooming Needs***
Amount Of Shedding**
Drooling Potential*
Easy To Groom****
General Health****
Potential For Weight Gain*****
Easy To Train***
Potential For Mouthiness****
Prey Drive**
Tendency To Bark Or Howl****
Wanderlust Potential**
Physical Needs***
Energy Level****
Exercise Needs***
Potential For Playfulness***

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:6 to 12 inches
Weight:4 to 12 pounds
Life Span:13 to 18 years

More information for Affenhuahua Mixed Dog Breed


The Affenhuahua is a canine mix. Unlike their Affenpinscher or Chihuahua parents, they are not purebred animals. Affenhuahuas have a lot of energy. Make sure your dog gets at least one enjoyable 30- to 60-minute walk per day, as well as some enjoyable, active playtime and shorter walks. Affenhuahuas typically come in black, brown, fawn, and cream.

Their coats can be solid at times or have white and grey spotting or a mix of colors. They typically have short coats and might be a good option for people who have allergies. There are Affenhuahuas with longer coats, but they might not be as allergy-friendly. Every week, give your dog a bath. The Affenhuahua may prefer to be around adults or older children who know how to play gently because they can be easily hurt by overexcited children.

Affenhuahuas don’t naturally get along with other animals and might prefer to live alone. It all depends on the individual dog or cat as well as on training, socialization, and luck of the draw. Affenhuahuas can be difficult to housetrain and can be stubborn, but for a motivated owner, the dog’s desire to please will help keep the training process moving forward.


Affenhuahuas have probably always existed naturally, but sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s, probably in the United States, designer breeders began purposefully breeding Affenpinschers and Chihuahuas together. Breeders wanted to create a cuddly lapdog that could also warn owners of intruders or danger by combining the two small breeds.

The production of Affenhuahuas persisted as interest in the mixed breed dogs increased. The Affenhuahua breed was originally developed as a designer breed, but some have ended up in shelters or under the care of rescue organizations. If you decide that this breed is the one for you, think about adoption.

In some cases, breed-specific Affenpinscher or Chihuahua rescues will take in mixed-breed dogs and help them find homes, so check your local shelters, look up rescues, or contact them.


There aren’t many size guidelines for the Affenhuahua because it’s a new mixed breed. Having said that, you can anticipate Affenhuahuas to be on the smaller side as a result of their Chihuahua and Affenpinscher parentage. Most are between four and twelve pounds in weight and six and twelve inches tall at the shoulder. Many can deviate from average size in either direction.


The Affenhuahua is a diminutive mixed breed dog that appears much larger than they are! Affenhuahuas, like their Chihuahua parents, occasionally exhibit some obstinacy even when interacting with humans. However, supporters of the small crossbreed dog claim that, with consistent training, the Affenhuahua is very trainable.

This lapdog fluctuates between being a total couch potato and having a lot of spontaneous energy, like when you have the zoomies. The Affenhuahua might be the right pup for you if you’re looking for a small lapdog who loves to cuddle and binge-watch the newest series as much as they enjoy a game of fetch or tug-of-war.

The Affenhuahua is frequently referred to as “yappy,” just like both of their parents. This tiny dog will warn you of any danger that might exist—or even small things that they mistake for danger, like a knock at the door. Due to their smaller size, they might even develop a protective attitude toward their human and become irritable around outsiders.

It’s crucial to begin training your Affenhuahua as soon as possible in order to prevent any unwanted guarding behavior. Early training is best for these dogs to stop any undesirable barking behaviors. They can be difficult to housetrain and can be stubborn, but for a motivated owner, the dog’s desire to please will help keep training on track.

Although they can get along with other household pets, Affenhuahus also have a tendency to develop a close bond with one particular family member. Due to their love of being the center of attention, this small dog may be best suited for a one-person household or smaller families.


Affenhuahuas are prone to some of the same health issues that Chihuahuas and Affenpinschers do. While the majority are generally in good health, a few may be predisposed to certain ailments, so it’s crucial to maintain proper care and regular veterinary examinations. The following are a few of the more typical health issues that Affenhuahuas experience:

  • Collapsed Trachea.
  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Dental Disease.
  • Patellar Luxation.


As with all dogs, make sure to take your Affenhuahua in for routine checkups at the vet to catch any health issues early. Your veterinarian can assist you in creating a routine of care that will keep your dog healthy. Affenhuahuas have a high level of energy and are prone to gaining weight. Make sure your dog gets at least one enjoyable 30- to 60-minute walk per day, as well as some enjoyable, active playtime and shorter walks.

Every day, check their ears for debris and vermin, and clean them as your veterinarian advises. Before they grow too long, trim your dog’s nails. This should be done once or twice a month. It shouldn’t be making noises against the ground. This is where your groomer can help.

Maintaining your Affenhuahua’s oral health should be your top priority because small dogs are more likely to experience dental problems. Consistently brush their teeth. You can get instructions from your vet on how to properly brush your dog’s teeth.


Affenhuahuas are a small breed with a lot of energy, so an ideal diet should be prepared for them. Additionally, these little dogs have a propensity to put on weight if overfed, so be careful to follow a regular feeding schedule and avoid leaving food out all day. Also, keep their treat intake in check.

The Affenhuahua’s nutritional requirements will change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior years, just like those of all dogs. There is far too much variation among individual dogs—including weight, energy, and health—to make a specific recommendation, so you should ask your vet for advice on your Affenhuahua’s diet.

Coat Color And Grooming

The coats and colors of Affenhuahuas are frequently a combination of those of their Affenpinscher and Chihuahua parents. Affenhuahuas typically come in black, brown, fawn, and cream. Their coats can be solid at times or have white and grey spotting or a mix of colors. They typically have short coats and are regarded as an excellent option for allergy sufferers.

There are Affenhuahuas with longer coats and more shedding, but they might not be as allergy-friendly. Fortunately, both coats are very simple to maintain. Weekly brushings should be sufficient. Affenhuahuas aren’t the best breed for extreme weather because they typically have shorter coats and are a small breed.

Your dog will probably need a coat in the winter, and in the summer, when there is less fur to protect them, you might need to put dog sunscreen on their ears, noses, and other sensitive areas.

Children And Other Pets

Being a small mixed breed, the Affenhuahua is vulnerable to harm from overexcited kids. Affenhuahua mixed dog breed prefer to be in the company of either adults or older children who can play gently. Having said that, the Affenhuahua can be a wonderful, energetic companion for kids who are taught at a young age how to approach and play with a small dog.

Affenhuahuas can get along with other pets if they are introduced to them gradually and calmly. Early socialization will make this process go more smoothly. Although it’s best if they become accustomed to other animals when they’re young, an older Affenhuahua can still learn how to be less aggressive! However, Affenhuahuas don’t naturally get along with other animals and might prefer to live alone.

It really depends on training, socialization, and luck of the draw because many Affenhuas get along just fine with other dogs and cats.

Rescue Teams

Given that Affenhuahuas are a mixed breed, it might be challenging to locate a rescue that specializes in the breed. Affenpinscher or Chihuahua breed-specific rescues might be worth a try, though, as they frequently take in mixed-breed animals as well. You can try some of the following rescues:

  • Chihuahua Rescue & Transport.
  • Affenpinscher Rescue of America.

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