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The Affen Spaniel mixed breed dogs is a new designer cross breed that is getting a lot of attention. Some people think this crossbreed is the perfect dog. Its parents, the Affenpinscher and the Cocker Spaniel, have both been popular family pets for a long time. This small, lively puppy brings charm and fun to many homes, and it could do the same for yours. Affen Spaniels can do well in many different kinds of homes. The Affen Spaniel could be a good fit for a single dog owner or an active family.

The Affen Spaniel is a new crossbreed that was done on purpose, but these dogs are already well-known for being great family pets. Affen Spaniels are very loyal, love kids, and can be great watchdogs. The only bad thing about how good they are as watchdogs? They tend to be noisy, which makes them not good for living in some apartments.

Affen Spaniels don’t come up for adoption very often, but there are millions of dogs waiting in shelters and rescues for their forever homes. Rescue groups for the parent breeds of the Affen Spaniel may have a similar mixed breed available for adoption. Most of the time, Cocker Spaniels are easier to find in rescues than Affenpinschers.

Read on for a detailed list of the Affen Spaniel’s traits.

Affen Spaniel Dog Breed Picture

Affen-Spaniel-Dog-BreedAffen Spaniel Dog Breed 1 Affen Spaniel Dog Breed 2 Affen Spaniel Dog Breed 4 Affen-Spaniel-Dog-Breed

Breed Characteristics:

Adapts Well To Apartment Living****
Good For Novice Owners****
Sensitivity Level**
Tolerates Being Alone***
Tolerates Cold Weather***
Tolerates Hot Weather**
All Around Friendliness*****
Affectionate With Family*****
Dog Friendly*****
Friendly Toward Strangers*****
Health And Grooming Needs***
Amount Of Shedding**
Drooling Potential**
Easy To Groom***
General Health****
Potential For Weight Gain***
Easy To Train***
Potential For Mouthiness**
Prey Drive****
Tendency To Bark Or Howl****
Wanderlust Potential**
Physical Needs***
Energy Level***
Exercise Needs***
Potential For Playfulness*****

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Height:10 to 20 inches
Weight:15 to 20 lbs
Life Span:10 to 15 years

More About This Breed


  • The Affen Spaniel is a small dog that loves to be with its family.
  • People think they are easy to train and like to play, which makes them great for homes with kids.
  • Even though they can be silly, Affen Spaniels are protective and can make great watchdogs.


The Affen Spaniel is a relatively new crossbreed, but both of its parents are popular and well-known breeds. The Cocker Spaniel has a long history. It began as a hunting dog and was one of the first ten breeds to be certified by the American Kennel Club. Now, they are mostly kept as pets, but they are still useful and trustworthy as hunting dogs.

Affenpinschers used to be bred because they were great at catching rats, but now they are better known as loving, if sometimes mischievous, family pets. The Affen Spaniel combines the best parts of both breeds to make a friendly, protective family pet.


The Affen Spaniel is a small dog breed, but because they are so active and like to get into trouble, they can look bigger than they are. The Affen Spaniel stands out because of its thick, often curly fur and short legs.


The Affen Spaniel is not a hard dog to train or exercise. This breed is eager to please and very loyal. They are usually eager to learn new tricks and do well with basic obedience, but they may have trouble barking when they don’t want to because their parents were used as watchdogs.

Most Affen Spaniels will be happy with a daily walk and a little bit of play time. Even though they like to play fetch and would be happy with a backyard, they can get along fine in an apartment as long as their noise isn’t a problem.


The Affen Spaniel is usually a healthy dog that can easily live to be more than 10 years old. But there may be some health problems that happen more often in these dogs.•

  • Sebhorrea (dry, itchy skin).
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Obesity.


Because the Affen Spaniel is easygoing and likes to play, it’s up for almost any adventure you can think of. This breed needs regular exercise, like a daily walk, but once they’ve used up all their energy, they’ll probably be happy to curl up on the couch.

Affen Spaniels do best in homes with active dog parents who are ready to give them lots of love and cuddles. If the Affen Spaniel doesn’t have enough to do, it will probably let you know by barking a lot.


The Affen Spaniel’s diet should be similar to that of a small dog with medium energy. The Cocker Spaniel, which is one of the parent breeds of the Affen Spaniel, tends to get fat, so don’t feed it too much or give it too many treats. If your dog is very food-driven, give them low-calorie treats like sweet potato or carrot instead of treats that are higher in fat.

Since the Affen Spaniel can get some skin problems, feeding it foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids can help. Because every dog has different dietary needs, it’s best to talk to your vet to find out what you should feed your dog.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Affen Spaniel has a thick, medium-length to long, sometimes curly or wiry coat. This means that the breed usually does best when groomed at least once every few days. This dog will stay in great shape if it is brushed often and bathed every few weeks or so.

One thing that could be a problem with this breed is that the ears have thick locks that can get tangled with fur or hide earwax buildups. Also, make sure to check the Affen Spaniel’s nails regularly, just like you would with any other breed.

Children And Other Pets

With a few exceptions, the Affen Spaniel is a great family pet most of the time. This breed is very active and likes to play, but it doesn’t like being roughed up. Make sure that your kids, especially the younger ones, don’t pull on the ears or tails. Affen Spaniels aren’t usually aggressive toward other dogs or cats, so they should be able to live with either of them without much trouble.

But because they came from two parent breeds with strong prey drives, they probably shouldn’t live with small animals or birds. Dogs should always be introduced to children and other pets in the house in a safe way to keep everyone safe.

Rescue Groups

At the moment, there are no rescue groups just for Affen Spaniels because they are already hard to find. But there are millions of dogs waiting for forever homes in shelters and rescues, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a similar crossbreed with a little searching. Most of the time, mixed-breed dogs are not the main focus of rescues for specific breeds. Try looking for Affen Spaniels or mixes like them in Cocker Spaniel or Affenpinscher rescues.

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