Adoptable Dog of the Week – Geno

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Geno

Week's Adoptable Dog: Geno


Geno, our Adoptable Dog of the Week, refuses to be held back by anything. In Great Bend, Kansas, a male adult Chihuahua is looking for his forever home. He has already undergone neutering, is housebroken, a purebred with special requirements, has all of his vaccines, is good with children, dogs, and cats.

Geno's Story

Geno is a male Chihuahua who is 4 years old and incredibly smart. He was abandoned at a veterinarian and eventually came to us. Although he had a few problems we couldn't completely identify at the time, he fared fairly well in his foster home at the time. We did, however, discover after a few weeks that Geno was deaf! It was difficult to determine what was happening because he is so intelligent and just learnt by watching. Geno is doing well with his leash training and has learned the hand signals that his foster mother taught him. He is interacting with the other dogs and starting to understand doggy language. The cat is simply too grumpy for him to play with, even if he would love to. Geno is your man if you're looking for a cuddle/love bug and a partner in crime.

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