7 Tips For Staying In Hotels With Your Dog

7 Tips For Staying In Hotels With Your Dog

Seven Pointers For Traveling With Your Dog In Hotels


You may bring your pet on vacation with you if you follow these 7 tips because hotels welcome pets. Following these rules will demonstrate that you are a respectful guest when staying at a hotel with your dog.

Traveling with a pet is now simpler than ever, thanks to the increase in pet-friendly hotels. Sharing a hotel room with your dog can occasionally be difficult, whether you're staying one night or a full week.

If your dog is a cautious traveler, he could become uneasy in a strange setting. There are a few easy things you can do to improve your stay for you, your dog, and the other hotel guests.

1. Request a Room on the Ground Floor

It will be quite easy to have a ground-floor room if you need to run after hours to let your dog out. You will both be more at ease in a ground-floor apartment because some dogs are nervous around stairs or elevators.

Remember whatever else you'll need to bring with you for your dog. Accessing a room on the ground floor will be simpler than carrying everything up several flights of stairs.

In order to avoid having to pass through a public area like the main lobby, several hotels offer ground-floor rooms that open directly onto the hotel grounds.

Furthermore, make an effort to book a hotel that is far from any of the main public areas. Due to the activities of adjacent people, rooms close to the lobby, restaurants, café, or pool areas are often much noisier.

The amount of loudness present could be upsetting or overpowering for dogs who are easily startled by new sounds and sensations. Your dog might feel more at ease in a room tucked away in the hotel's back corner because it is considerably quieter there.

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2. Sign in and double-check everything.

After checking in, take some time to explore the hotel. Locate the closest patch of grass where you can take your dog for a walk. Because more urban hotels might not have much to offer in the form of green space, the time spent searching will be rewarded.

Additionally, now is a wonderful moment to discuss any dog-friendly activities available both off-site at the hotel and locally. Across the street, is there a sizable park? Are there any coffee shops in the area that permit dogs to accompany their owners outside? After all, your dog is also away while you are!

Find the nearest vet or emergency room before you leave. Accidents do happen, despite the fact that we'd all like to think that nothing horrible could ever happen to our dogs. No matter how hard we try to avoid disaster, there are some situations that we just can't avoid.

In general, while under the additional stress of an emergency, we are unable to think clearly. You can move swiftly and provide your dog with the care they require by doing some research on a clinic in advance.

3. Consider the likelihood that your dog may be anxious.

While some dogs can handle any environment with ease, others may become anxious in strange situations. You shouldn't be shocked if your dog behaves a little differently in a hotel than he would at home because traveling can be stressful.

If your dog has problems adjusting, try not to get frustrated with him; rather, accept that he may be afraid and take steps to reassure him.

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4. Create a soothing environment

You could wish to bring some familiar items with you in order to make your dog feel more at home in a hotel room. To make your dog feel more at home, use a blanket from your bed or one of their favorite toys.

If you are concerned that your dog might have an accident in the room while you are away, you might even want to bring his kennel or carrier. Your dog might prefer to be in the carrier in particular circumstances.

Consider using calming treats or medications if you need to travel with a dog who gets agitated or scared in strange surroundings. Once you've shared your worries with your doctor, they'll be able to recommend the best ways to make the journey as comfortable as possible for your dog.

5. Adhere to safety regulations and guidelines

Make sure you carefully check the pet policy before making a hotel choice. Hotels only allow specified sizes of dogs, and many hotels impose non-refundable pet fees. For the protection of your dog and to avoid paying hefty fines, be sure to abide by all the laws.

Pay special attention to which hotel areas your dog is allowed to access and which ones they are not allowed in. The majority of pet-friendly hotels feature cozy lobby areas, but additional restrictions could apply in other public locations including dining rooms, pool areas, work areas, and others.

You can better organize your day, avoid problems, pay fines for disobeying the restrictions, or, in more extreme situations, be asked to leave the hotel, by being aware of where your dog is permitted to hang around.

6. Give the front desk your phone number.

It is always a good idea to give the front desk your cell phone number if you must leave your pet alone in the room. In this way, if your dog becomes agitated and begins to bark or whine, the hotel will be able to contact you before it annoys other visitors.

Consider your mess.

Cleaning up after your pet is the most important guideline for bringing a pet to a hotel. Be careful to carry a poop bag with you if you let your dog to relieve himself in the outdoor green space. If your dog has a cleanable indoor accident, take the right action. However, spills on carpets or furniture shouldn't be hidden.

Inform the front desk as soon as possible if your dog breaks anything in the room so they can manage the situation and pay the expense of replacement or repair.

If you are sincere and accept responsibility for what happened, the hotel personnel is more likely to cooperate with you and be understanding of the circumstance. Always keep in mind that most hotels require a credit card number or a deposit when you check in.

If you don't let them know, they'll still bill you when they find the damage. Reach a more acceptable agreement to save everyone time and effort.

In addition to ensuring that there won't be any issues when you return to the hotel in the future, doing this positively promotes dog owners in general. The number of hotels that will take our animal family members will decline if we all start to ignore cruelty and try to get away with it.

Even though it can occasionally be difficult, traveling with your pet can be a relaxing and joyful experience for both of you with the right planning.

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