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如何选择狗毛梳子?|养狗教学Dog Care Tips:Dog Grooming Tips

如何为狗狗选择狗毛梳子?如何为狗狗梳毛?为狗狗梳毛时应该注意哪些问题?How视频一一为您解答。 更多精彩视频 选择狗毛梳子: 狗毛梳子有很多种,购买狗毛梳子时可到专业宠物店告诉店员狗的品种,请店员帮忙挑选。 第一种.短毛犬 像杜宾犬等短毛的犬类可选择橡皮刷。 第二种.毛比较密集的犬 狗毛比较密集的犬类,比如贵宾犬,可选择梳子齿较短的铁梳子。 第三种.长毛犬 德牧、哈士奇等长毛的狗可选择类似铁钉的梳子。 如何给狗梳毛: 刚开始给狗梳毛时力量一定要轻。 梳毛时可一手拿着食物一手拿着梳子,缓解了狗的紧张后梳毛。 为中长毛的狗梳毛时建议反向从尾到头梳,最后一次梳毛时从头到尾梳。 建议在狗狗小的时候养成梳毛的习惯,避免狗狗长大了不允许主人触碰,会有紧张甚至攻击行为。 Resource: If you want to treatment your puppy, you can browse extra suggestions from Doggy Treatment Guidelines on our Website.

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Why you should spay your female cat

Our vet Aida discusses the significance of neutering your feminine cat. Resource: If you want to know how to care your cat, you can study a lot more tips about “How to Just take Treatment of a Cat” of our article content.

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Skin Problems in Cats. Common Causes and Treatment

Budgie on owners finger

What percentage of a cat’s waking time does she commit grooming? 10% 50% 60 % The remedy is close to (b) 50 % of her time, when awake. (Cats acquire sleeping to experienced stages, with 16 to 20 several hours out of every single 24 put in napping). Grooming keeps …

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